Where have all the women’s libbers gone, long time passing?
Where have all the women’s libbers gone, long time ago?
Where have all the women’s libbers gone?
Political correctness has deceived them everyone.
Oh, when will they ever learn?
Oh, when will they ever learn?


Change a few words in the song and it fits. The above verses (words changed are in bold) are from “Where Have All The Flowers Gone” Pete Seeger- Sanga Music Inc -BMI. The women’s libbers have been truly missing for years.

The Conservative Government in Canada recently lost a court case over having one’s face covered while swearing the Oath of Citizenship to become a Canadian citizen. In our culture, being able to see someone’s face while communicating is important to us, and part of the reason why faces should be seen while giving this oath. It proves that the person has recited the oath, and that the person giving this oath is the correct person.  A Muslim woman took this to the federal court which ruled the niqab and burka may be worn while taking the oath. While at the Haj (a journey every Muslim must take at least once in their life), a Muslim woman must remove the veil, so there is no reason to not remove the veil for a short period of time in the interests of civic ceremonies like taking the oath.

If you are going to become a citizen of another country, why would you try to change rules to accommodate your beliefs? Obviously, your newly adopted country must have been somewhere you wanted to live, something you felt was better than the country you emigrated from.

Justin Trudeau, the leader of the Federal Liberal Party, accused PM Harper of being a bigot and a fear monger over this issue[1]. Part of what Prime Minister Harper said was that the niqab and burka come from a culture that is anti-woman. Well, that comment got their knickers in an uproar, and started the hashtag #DressCodePM[2]. Prime Minister Harper never said in their regular everyday life that these women couldn’t wear the garments – just not while taking the oath. This is the CBC’s take on the issue http://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/harper-says-overwhelming-majority-agrees-with-tories-on-niqabs-1.2990439

The so-called women’s libbers see no problem with regard to forcing women to wear these garments. To these women I say, “Google can be your friend”. Google what life is like in the countries where these outfits are required. Read about the life women live in these cultures. Where are all the women crying out and demanding that ALL women be treated with respect and not treated like chattel? Once again, silence from most of them.

Marissa Semkiw of The Rebel Media wrote a piece on the wearing of niqab veil while testifying in court.[3] The Supreme Court upheld that the accuser had the right to face the person accusing him of a crime, and that could not be done while the face was covered. Where were the women’s libbers then? Silent.

It is not hard to find stories in western nations where the following barbaric acts (and yes Justin Trudeau, these acts are barbaric) have been committed: honor killings, forced marriages, attacks on young women just wanting to be able to fit in to their adopted country. Even in York University in Toronto, ON, there were books handed out on how to treat women, and an Iman in Quebec stated that beating of women is a form of education for them[4].

Margaret Atwood, Sandra Fluke and many, many other women’s libbers take their own freedoms for granted. If these women don’t believe that this anti-woman culture is being brought to western nations, I recommend they go visit the “no-go” zones where sharia law rules: laws that make it legal to treat women like chattel, where they have no rights or very limited rights, where parents or a husband can force a woman to wear a hijab, niqab or burka.

Where are the women’s libbers when women are oppressed, where their rights are limited, when “female genital mutilation” is happening? Where is the hashtag for that?

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