Why It Matters – Bullies

We often think of a bully as the bigger idiot at school that literally pushes people around on the playground and steals your lunch money.  But they grow up and come in many other forms.  They become thugs in uniforms or suits who abuse the power they have been given.

They are government officials abusing the power loaned to them by the people who seek to rule and steal the hard earned labor of others simply to enrich themselves.  Your lunch money.  They’ll seek to justify it by pointing to those that don’t have and say they are trying to help them but they never really do.  They abuse and bully them too with empty promises they never fulfill.

They are tyrants in power of a small nation, such as Venezuela or North Korea.  Belligerent and ignorant, enriching themselves while their own people suffer and die by their very hand.

They also wear suits and work in banks.  Stealing the money right out the very bank accounts they have sworn to protect.  They justify theft, again, stealing your lunch money.

They sit on television every night or write in national newspapers lecturing you on why your values, traditions, and way of life are simply wrong. Reason and facts are of no importance to them, only the lecture and browbeating of why you’re wrong and evil.

Or they can be as simple as a troll in the chat room.  Oh, did you create something?  I’d like to wreck your carefully constructed work and justify it by claiming freedom of speech.

Gov’t workers, tyrants, bankers, bureaucrats, media, trolls.  Bullies all.

But there are more of us than there are of them.  Bullies are the one minority that we can and should discriminate against.  We must stand up to them.

The officials in the United States Government need to realize that their power is on loan from US.  They must answer to the people of this nation and realize that the power they wield can be revoked in an instant.  We have that power, despite their protestations to the contrary.  They MUST and WILL answer to us.  They can try to hide but ultimately they will answer for their actions.

Tyrants must be resisted.  Hugo Chavez enriched himself to the tune of nearly 2 Billion dollars while his people continued to suffer and die.  Kim Jong Un continues the cycle that his grandfather started and his father perpetuated.  They lived as kings while torturing and killing their own population.  And lest you think they are singular in their actions, Argentine President Cristina Kirchner reminds us she is willing to bully her way onto islands where 99.8% of the population wishes to remain British subjects.  When a population does not have the strength to resist, we must stand strong to show them that there are those that would resist and push back against the bully.

Bankers steal the savings of people and I argue that it is already happening here.  We push back by demanding answers from them.  Here.  Now.  Audit the Fed.  Demand to know what the government is spending money on and what rules the bankers have in place to protect your money.  Demand that they tell you the rules and ensure that you are protected.  Resist them when they are vague and won’t answer.  That usually means you’re being bullied.

The media have failed to grasp the importance of their position and instead abuse it thoroughly.  They bully the very people that they claim to ‘protect’ by condescending to their audience.  They exist for one reason, to destroy.  Certainly, some do exercise a public good by keeping us informed, but a large majority exist for one reason: to destroy those that oppose their point of view.

Trolls.  Yes, they are bullies too.  What do they create?  Nothing.  They live for one reason: to sow discord, confusion, anger, hatred, and to destroy the hard work of others.  Do they contribute to a healthy debate?  No.  They have nothing to add, they link to that which interests them, while avoiding the topic you werediscussing.  They refuse to answer direct questions; instead they freely toss accusations and name call while having no real substance.  They are nothing more than bullies who work very hard to steal the one thing you can’t get back.  Time.

Bullies don’t create.  They feed off the hard work of others; they enrich themselves at the expense of others.  They are nothing more than parasites and leeches.  The do not build, create, or invent anything. They tear down, destroy, and ruin all that they put their hand to.

Oh, we might argue that they build their own empires, that they enrich those that stand with them, but like all parasites, they do so at the expense of others.  They don’t create, they don’t invent, they exist for themselves and no one else.

Enough.  Bullies will always exist.  Instead, we must stand up to them no matter where they exist.  Shine the bright light of sunshine on their actions.  Expose them for who they are.

If you don’t have the strength to stand up for yourself, find someone who will stand.  Myself. Stephen. Others.  Stand up to bullies no matter where you find them.  Speak out! They actually fear you because they know that there are more of us than them. Stand up against bullies. Wherever they are! Call them on it.

It’s time that we started taking things back. It’s time to start standing up against bullies no matter where they are in the world and no matter what they wear.  Whether it is a uniform or a suit, or just Cheetos-stained sweat pants. It is time we started saying enough.

We want to have serious discussions; we want to talk about the things that are important to us. And we want our values and traditions and traditions to be honored.  We value life in whatever shape or form that it comes and it is time you started doing so as well. Tyrants, bullies you are on notice and THAT is why it matters.

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