A lot of people have written about or said “This is the week from Hell”.  We had the terrorist bombings in Boston and West, Texas was blown to pieces by Fertilizer explosion.  Plus, we had some idiot who sent Ricin letters to a Senator and POTUS.  Of course, our dear leader, Barack Obama was only worried that he didn’t get his way on a gun control vote.

I would love to say that Obama was a calming force that reassured the people that all was going to be better.  But, true to form, he stuck his fingers in his ears and went LALALALLALALALA anytime people called this terrorism.  Then you have to ask yourself what the hell is it.  It wasn’t two kids with party poppers at the Boston Marathon.  He couldn’t call it workplace violence.  It was terrorism, plain and simple.

An 8 year old kid could tell you that, if he hadn’t been blown up by a bomb.

Three people died on April 15, 2013, because of terrorism, and well over 100 were injured.  A bomb was placed right in front of an eight year old who was excited to watch his dad race.  His 6 year old sister had her leg blown off, and still is in serious condition.  Tragically, the mother had brain surgery so we don’t even know if she knows what she has lost.  The husband spent months training for this race.  It takes time and dedication.

That day he went home alone never really knowing what hit him.  What most people fear deep down inside happened to him.  You see, his terror just started, for him and the ones recuperating in the hospital.  While we breathe a sigh of relief that the terrorist have been caught, it’s too late late for them.  I hope that any type of faith he has will pull him and the rest of his family through this.  You see no matter how much we empathize, he walks this rode of terror alone.

There is a reason why I haven’t named anyone in this; this could have happened anywhere to anyone.

I ask one thing of our President and it is this: give the victims the honor they deserve and call this terrorism.  You see, it is tragic when people die in car accidents, and it’s tragic when people die of cancer, or it is really tragic what happened to the people in West, Texas.  This wasn’t an accident!  This was planned and this was evil.

Suspect number 2 chose to put that bomb where he did.  Mr. President, he put it front of an 8 year old boy who wanted people to stop hurting each other and you call it a tragedy.  He was was murdered by 2 terrorists.

It was Terrorism.  Call it what it is.