The United States of America was founded on this main principle, that God is the provider of our rights and not a king.  For those of you who may doubt this, read The Declaration of Independence and you will see for yourself this is true.  Our founding fathers were smart enough to know history has a way of repeating itself, and it’s not always good.  Kings and Governments without God are all about Absolute Power.  As long as there is no God, there is no power that can hold them responsible when they do evil things!

Men have feasted on power since the beginning of time.  War after war has been fought to conquer the world.  In the US we resisted this temptation, when we established our own government.  We put God at the forefront to blunt the powers to be as long as possible.  We did something that made our country great.  We gave the people the power, equally!  Even if we don’t always like the results, it’s the truth.  This brings me to my most important point.

Today, we live in an era where God is devalued but our Constitution remains the same.  Our rights are given to us by God for good reason.  History always rears its ugly head, and people seek power to do good but are blind to the fact they are working for evil.  There are those in government who believe they know what’s best and they want to impose their will upon us.  It’s for our own good you know!  The Constitution is the only thing that is saving our collective asses right now and they are trying to destroy that as we speak.  Most people think our government doesn’t seek power as others do, they just want what’s best for us.  This where government gets dangerous, and we should be watching with our eyes wide open.  The Bill of Rights can never be taken from us or we cease to be a free country.  Those rights were given to us by God, but when government assumes God’s role the country will crumble.

Right now there is a serious attack on our 2nd Amendment rights.  If you want to control the people this is what you do: take their defenses from them and they have to obey.  Then, sadly, we will become nothing but a slave nation.  There are countries chomping at the bit to see that happen.  Did you ever think why other countries won’t attack us on our soil?  It’s because we are the largest standing free militia in the world.  (Side note: Probably should not have used the word militia because it will put me on a list, but I don’t care, I am sure our website name already put us on one :) )

In closing, I would just like to say that freedom will always be more important than slavery.  Whether you believe in God or not, you want your rights to come from a power higher than the government.  Without God we are all slaves, and we have no justification for our freedom!

So what do we do to perserve our freedom?  Do we have to worship God?  No we don’t have to worship anything, but we do need to preserve our freedoms by vetting the public officials we put in office.  This is the strength of our country.  We can reverse the wrongs that have been done by voting in people who believe in our rights as much as we do.  This needs to happen at a grass roots level in order to build a solid foundation.

Always be aware of the establishment because they will tell you what you want to hear.  Vet their voting records and read their speeches to see if their words match their actions.  Sure, anyone can run for office but they need to have a record to stand behind.  Voting present won’t cut it anymore.  Stand firm in what you believe in, but do not cave to ideological purity tests.  It will be your downfall.  It’s time for the American people to get off the sidelines and get into the game.  Belief is nothing without action.