Tea Party Turns Six – Now What?

Six years ago today, a few friends and my oldest daughter (The Bigun) set up a microphone, some signs, and a sign-in table on the lawn of Discovery Green in downtown Houston and waited.  We had six days to get the word out and pull together an event called Tea Party to talk about fiscal […]

The Horse You Rode In On

As you know, you go to war with the army you have, not the army you might want or wish to have at a later time. – Donald Rumsfeld   Like many conservatives, I’m highly disappointed that John Boehner will return to serve as Speaker of the House again.  His rather lukewarm (to put it […]

The Politics of Anger and Hope

Angry. Old. White. Tea Bagger. Far-Right. Racist. Homophobic. Sexist. Hypocritical. Anti-Science. Religious Zealots. Angry. This is the Republican Party, if you ask your average person under 30, or racial minority, religious minority, sexual minority, or non-conservative. Those of you who fit in one of these categories and are reading this article are probably shaking your […]

Republican (Tea Party) Candidates (And the Liberal-Leaning States They Run In)

When the Tea Party came into the spotlight in early 2009, they were labeled as a racist, homophobic hate-group by the mainstream media.  The most famous attack on the Tea Party occurred when Janeane Garofalo went on Keith Olberman’s MSNBC show, and said: “Let’s be very honest about what this is about, it’s not about […]

I Don’t Have the Answers

…but I think I know the right questions to ask. Since I jumped into the tea party movement headfirst in 2009, I’ve often wondered how the rightward coalition (for lack of any better way to describe it) could band together to shape policy and win elections on a long-term basis.  I wrote about it  ages […]

The Tea Party Community aka The Tea Party Facebook

  If you’re looking for a place where conservatives like you can say what you want without censorship, then the Facebook-style Tea Party Community is not the place for you. I warn you first, because unless you’re a Straight Christian that doesn’t support gays and dislikes Ron Paul then you’re not welcome. You can create a profile, […]

Dirty Sexy (Local) Politics – Updated

THIS VIDEO was sent to me recently, outlining the amazing ground organization that has been coordinated in Wisconsin.  Given the victories there over the past couple of years, I believe it’s worth studying what has happened in Wisconsin in order to replicate it elsewhere.   This is important for two reasons.  First, conservative and liberty activists […]

The Rally Cap

So this conversation happened in my Twitter feed today, initiated by a tea party leader: TPL: “Is someone planning an anti-Obama rally at the state capitol on Inauguration Day?” ME: “Good God, I hope not.” TPL: “While I understand your sentiment, average Const and gun loving Americans feel different.” ME: “Who cares about feelings? What […]