Poverty v. Amnesty

US Unemployment Rate Down to Nearly 7-Year Low – Trading Economics The unemployment rate for blacks was 12 percent in February 2014, compared with 5.8 percent for whites – National Urban League Unemployment rate among Black 18- to- 29-year-olds at 22.1 percent – Generation Opportunity The declining labor participation rate has created an additional 1.7 […]

Left Tactics: Bullying

Recently on The Refinery, our weekly grassroots strategy session with The Party of Choice and The Conservative Union, we decided to begin a series on the tactics of the Left.  As far back as Rush Limbaugh’s early days as a nationally-syndicated talk show host, we’ve had discussions on the Right about Things The (Institutional) Left […]

The Right Questions

At least I’m pretty sure it does. If you have even loosely followed the news over the past few weeks, you probably noticed a trend – lying has been front page news.  From Gruber and Obamacare stories, to the Rolling Stone’s sketchy reportage of an alleged on-campus rape, to the high school kid who made […]

Race and the Conservative Movement

I’m back with the third article of my ongoing series about the conservative movement and Republican Party development.  Check out the first and secondones here.  Before I jump in, I briefly want to address some of the feedback from my second article on how to reach Millennial voters.  While there were many who expressed appreciation or support in […]

So NOW What Do We Do?

Do you think Republicans got their butts kicked in 2012?  A lot of people do, considering that Barack Obama is still president.  But consider the following: Romney got more votes in 2012 than McCain did in 2008. Obama lost anywhere from 1-3 percentage points from his 2008 numbers in EVERY SWING STATE in 2012. Republicans lost […]