Toughen Up, Buttercup

When I started this piece it was meant to be a full-throated endorsement of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker (R) for president. I believe he is at this moment the best candidate for Republicans to go forward with, given his record as governor and the fact that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is the favorite […]

Tea Party Turns Six – Now What?

Six years ago today, a few friends and my oldest daughter (The Bigun) set up a microphone, some signs, and a sign-in table on the lawn of Discovery Green in downtown Houston and waited.  We had six days to get the word out and pull together an event called Tea Party to talk about fiscal […]

The Four Most Important Races This Year

Overview: Republicans are excited for this year’s elections, that much is clearly apparent.  By most analyses, Republicans will likely take the Senate too.  For those of you that aren’t aware of the landscape of the current Senate, there are 45 Senators who are Republicans and 55 Senators who are either Democrats or Caucus with the […]

So NOW What Do We Do?

Do you think Republicans got their butts kicked in 2012?  A lot of people do, considering that Barack Obama is still president.  But consider the following: Romney got more votes in 2012 than McCain did in 2008. Obama lost anywhere from 1-3 percentage points from his 2008 numbers in EVERY SWING STATE in 2012. Republicans lost […]