Tea Party Turns Six – Now What?

Six years ago today, a few friends and my oldest daughter (The Bigun) set up a microphone, some signs, and a sign-in table on the lawn of Discovery Green in downtown Houston and waited.  We had six days to get the word out and pull together an event called Tea Party to talk about fiscal […]

The Four Most Important Races This Year

Overview: Republicans are excited for this year’s elections, that much is clearly apparent.  By most analyses, Republicans will likely take the Senate too.  For those of you that aren’t aware of the landscape of the current Senate, there are 45 Senators who are Republicans and 55 Senators who are either Democrats or Caucus with the […]

Race and the Conservative Movement

I’m back with the third article of my ongoing series about the conservative movement and Republican Party development.  Check out the first and secondones here.  Before I jump in, I briefly want to address some of the feedback from my second article on how to reach Millennial voters.  While there were many who expressed appreciation or support in […]

The GOP and the Generation Gap

In my second article examining the deficiencies of the Republican Party’s ability to connect with voters, I will be covering the impending collapse of the national party, also known as the generational gap. Overstatement much? Some might try to discard the generation gap as a non-pressing issue or a long-term issue without immediate consequence. I’m […]

The Politics of Anger and Hope

Angry. Old. White. Tea Bagger. Far-Right. Racist. Homophobic. Sexist. Hypocritical. Anti-Science. Religious Zealots. Angry. This is the Republican Party, if you ask your average person under 30, or racial minority, religious minority, sexual minority, or non-conservative. Those of you who fit in one of these categories and are reading this article are probably shaking your […]

No to Impeachment: What the 1990s and House of Cards taught me

“I hate this small ball crap.” — Representative Francis J. Underwood (D-SC), House of Cards I’ve only started to watch House of Cards in the last few days, but I am hooked on this show and in particular the character of Underwood, the Majority Whip of the House.  And that quote reminds me of where […]

Republican (Tea Party) Candidates (And the Liberal-Leaning States They Run In)

When the Tea Party came into the spotlight in early 2009, they were labeled as a racist, homophobic hate-group by the mainstream media.  The most famous attack on the Tea Party occurred when Janeane Garofalo went on Keith Olberman’s MSNBC show, and said: “Let’s be very honest about what this is about, it’s not about […]

Ted Cruz is Flipping the Script

Alinsky. We’ve learned that word quite well in the past four years.  Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals have been employed for a long time against rightward-leaning politicians and leaders, but it wasn’t until recently that most liberty activists learned to spot them.  And the rule that has been utilized with the most ferocity (and the best results) has […]