The Narcissism of Appeasement: The impact of world events on Obama’s Foreign Policy

Having a goal isn’t simply important, it’s vital to success.  Those who actually write down their goals achieve them 85% of the time. Part of the reason for that is that only 3% of people actually write down their goals, and merely an additional 13% of people have goals but not in writing. A goal […]

The GOP and the Generation Gap

In my second article examining the deficiencies of the Republican Party’s ability to connect with voters, I will be covering the impending collapse of the national party, also known as the generational gap. Overstatement much? Some might try to discard the generation gap as a non-pressing issue or a long-term issue without immediate consequence. I’m […]

Election Integrity NJ Launches Email Address To Report Election Day Irregularities

ELECTION INTEGRITY NJ LAUNCHES EMAIL ADDRESS TO REPORT ELECTION DAY IRREGULARITIES Any voter who witnesses election irregularities on Election Day should send a report via email to Election Integrity NJ has set up this email address so that any election irregularities may be investigated after the election. All reports will remain anonymous. However, these […]

Contact Your Legislators Now To Oppose A683

The New Jersey Assembly Appropriations Committee heard Assembly Bill 683 on Thursday, May 8th at 2:00 PM. This bill requires mail-in ballot applications be available at polling places on election day for voting in future elections, and requires poll workers to discuss application instructions with applicants upon request. Election Integrity NJ is dedicated to supporting […]

So NOW What Do We Do?

Do you think Republicans got their butts kicked in 2012?  A lot of people do, considering that Barack Obama is still president.  But consider the following: Romney got more votes in 2012 than McCain did in 2008. Obama lost anywhere from 1-3 percentage points from his 2008 numbers in EVERY SWING STATE in 2012. Republicans lost […]