Caesar has decreed

Last night Caesar decreed amnesty President Obama declared his executive action on immigration.  While this violates everything he said in the past, even Jay Carney admits that it does, the President stated that NOW is the time to act on this critical issue.  This just a bare two weeks after getting shellacked in the 2014 […]

Things I’ve been thinking about

Civil Liber(al)tarians? So we just found out that the Department of Justice was spying on reporters at the Associated Press.  Somewhere Richard Nixon looks upon Barack Obama and probably laughs. We all know what this story would be like if this had taken place during George W. Bush’s administration.  The mainstream media would be convulsing […]

I Don’t Have the Answers

…but I think I know the right questions to ask. Since I jumped into the tea party movement headfirst in 2009, I’ve often wondered how the rightward coalition (for lack of any better way to describe it) could band together to shape policy and win elections on a long-term basis.  I wrote about it  ages […]

Drew’s Mad Minute – Piers Morgan – Monday, January 21, 2013

Hey, everybody.  Monday, today, I’m starting to get a little peeved by a certain Brit.  Okay, you’ve worn out your welcome, Dude.  Here’s the thing: we kicked your ass 250 years ago.  Shut the F up, all right?  It’s not for YOU to tell US what we need.  Your damned king 250 years ago tried […]