Hey Radicals, before I get into this episode of RE: Culture, I just want to thank Tony Katz for mentioning my article “On Privilege” during his show (Hit Subscribe!) last Saturday, I really appreciate it!  It’s pretty awesome to know that Tony Katz has read my stuff- and likes it! /GeekingOut

Actually, Tony’s benevolence kinda ties in with today’s article… Let’s get to it!

@SomethingFishie, editorial honcho around these parts, shared a mildly depressing article from Legal Insurrection a few days ago describing a bleak situation for up-and-coming conservative bloggers.  See, back in 2008 when LI started out, there was apparently some kind of awesome bloggregation where everybody was sharing each others stuff, contributors were cross-pollinating sites and infighting amongst the community didn’t happen.  Sadly, it ain’t the Summer Of Love-To-Not-Elect-Obama anymore, and the link love to lesser-known/new blogs and content generators doesn’t seems to happen as much.


But I also kind of don’t mind.  Ace of Spades was a tiny blog once, same with the Breitbart Media Empire.  If Free Radical Network has what it takes, we’ll get to the next level when we get there. Personally, I’m in no rush to get to the top echelon of the blogosphere,  I’m enjoying the heck out of honing my craft and learning how to blog.  That said, I certainly wouldn’t mind getting linked to by, well, pretty much anyone, and I do think FRN should promote the people and stuff we like every so often.

Actually, now seems like a pretty good time!

Let’s start with some YouTube…

I don’t know much about  Sunny Lohmann, but I do know that she deserves more subscribers.  Watch this video above, it speaks for itself.  All of the rest of her videos are that good.  Subscribe!

Bailey Connell AKA @BailOfRights AKA “B Cizzle”.  You guys should already know Bailey from Spreecast, but you might not know her from YouTube.  A Blogger, Singer, Rapper, and all-around content provider, Bails has got it all! She’s also been pretty busy finishing up nursing school over the past few month, but  you should expect more great content from her coming soon!

After an impressive run of viral videos and a great blogtalk radio show, @KiraAynDavis is breaking into the next level, and thankfully so.  She has a unique background, is a great voice for conservatism, and has been a friend of us here at FRN for long time, so seeing her succeed is all kinds of awesome!  Check out her sitehttp://kiradavis.net/ and her contributor page on Independent Journal Review for articles and more!

is in a weird part of the Internet, but in a very good way.  The Co-bloggers at @Gormogonsare quirky and hysterical, all while delivering keen insight and the best in Val Kilmer-themed (don’t ask, just accept it) conservatism this side of AoSHQ.  Bookmark them, you won’t regret it.

OwnTheNarrative.Com is home to a lot of friends and colleagues of mine, as well as the originators of the popular conservative match game #MatchCon. Check’em out for both articles and talk shows.

@JBrenn is ALWAYS worth the read, and as such, he’s in demand.  Whether it’s Conservative Daily News, OTNN, or here at Free Radical Network, his wordpress page always has his latest content, be sure to subscribe!

Taylor Millard’s a great guy, a geek, a cohost/host for http://www.ftrradio.com/ and writes like crazy.  Follow him at @EyeDesertBlog on twitter and your feed will always be full!

Speaking of From The Right Radio, @Beregond is one of the most knowledgeable guys I know. A certified jack of all trades and the guy who keeps FTR working, he also writes a great blog where he methodically blows liberals and conspiracy minded folks out of the water. Plus, he’s about the nicest guy you’ll ever meet!

My bros @MrFoPow & @TylerFromNOLA host THE GREATEST  Conservatarian blogtalk Radio show “Real Deal Talk Radio” Thursday nights at 11pm eastern! If you can’t listen live PODCAST THEM! #OrElse

Last, but not at all least, @RightWingNerd; the guy who keeps the lights on over here at FRN as well ashttp://rightwingnerd.com/ & http://ratednerd.com/
Tim is stalked by Twitchy.com, can write a mean open letter, and has generated an insane amount of articles, video clips, images and more.  In short, Tim is a beast. Bookmark him NOW!

I hope you guys enjoy my friends’ work as much as I do, I know how hard they work to get our cause moving in the right direction, and I know how much they appreciate likes/faves/tweets/+ and COMMENTS.

Speaking of which, link to some of your favorite conservative sites/youtubes/whatever in the comments below!

Let’s show Legal Insurrection that teamwork isn’t dead yet!