Today I read an article called “Starbucks CEO Schultz Lashes Out Against Pro-Traditional Marriage Shareholder“.  This article was written by Amy Gerwing on the Black Sphere site. First off, there are NO links in the article to back up what is being said.  Secondly, one paragraph of what was said is highlighted in the article, but just reading that, I can’t see HOW they came up with all they things said about him and his “bullying”.  Should you wish to take the time and see for yourself and hear what the Starbucks CEO said, here is the link to it “Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz on Gay Marriage“.

I’m sorry I watched the video and I don’t see any bullying.  What I do see, is a CEO of a private company indicating that the decision made was a reflection of his employees, not a financial one.  How many on the right were upset with how Chick-fil-A’s CEO Mr. Cathy was treated by those on the left, in which as a ptivate citizen, not the CEO of a private company, he  made donations to organizations that those on the left disagreed with?  The left TRIED to boycott Chick-fil-A and where did that get them?  We fall into the same trap if we do the same thing.  What Mr. Schultz said is that people are free to invest their money where they want, and they are free to uninvest their money if they don’t like what a company is doing.  We should NEVER, EVER fall under the illusion of “do as I say, not as I do” crap.

I am NOT a Starbucks fan, and maybe every couple of years at Christmas time I have a Fa-la-la-latte (but only if they use REAL eggnog), so they are not getting rich off of me.  I am also now a believer that the government should be out of the marriage business, and let the religious institutions look after marriage.  If a church wants to marry someone that would be their choice.  And it would also stop a certain segment of society that is slowly trying to undermine and crush the church.

That being said, we MUST be consistent in our message.  You can’t be upset with someone on the other side for doing what our side is doing.  THAT is being hypocritical.  It will also turn people off on both sides of the matter, and your message will be for naught.