Across the nation, conservatives and tea party people are calling for protests outside the IRS Tuesday.  Protests brought to light huge government abuses in 2009 and awakened many people to government overreach.  Protests set Congress back on their heels over health care and gave Republicans control of the House in 2010.

Protests also have the potential to give the media fodder for distorting the narrative.

Dana Loesch addressed this on her blog today, in a rather compelling way:

“Protests drive attention to the issue being protested. In this case, it’s the IRS and big government. Entre caveat: I don’t want to see a single sign about Obama. I don’t want to see a single sign about Biden. Or FLOTUS. Or vacations. Or anything other than the overreaching power of big government. No signs on anything other than this malicious and criminal behavior was perpetuated by a government too big to be held accountable. It was carried out behind a veil of purposeful complexity.”

The temptation is going to be great to produce signs attempting to call Obama and his administration out for any number of offenses.  And WE ALL KNOW the list is long, and growing longer every day.  But we have an opportunity here to get our message past the mainstream media filters and into the living rooms of people who are disengaged or who vote for the “coolest” candidate.  Obama should certainly be sullied with this scandal – he deserves to be.  He openly called for the targeting of conservatives, and he now expects to deny knowledge of it.  But at the same time, targeting only Obama lets the systemic corruption remain in place.  We can easily make the case that the big government system is what has to be changed, not merely the head of it.  Ask a progressive what he’d do if a Republican president did these things, and you’re halfway there towards making the case for smaller government no matter who leads it.

Quite a few people who voted in the last election get their “news” from Jon Stewart, who does his level best to spin and provide cover for the administration.  But this administration is making Stewart’s job more and more difficult for him, and he isn’t happy about it.

Ask yourself, WHO loves the IRS?  Before this scandal broke, the IRS wasn’t a beloved and respected agency anyway.  And now that we’ve found out that they’ve been engaged in targeting of the administration’s ‘political enemies’, we have the opportunity to reach people from all walks of life, all across the political spectrum.

What the IRS has done is so beyond the pale, we should be able to rally most of the nation around the message that this government is out of control, that it has turned on its citizens, that it has forever lost the trust of the American people and that WE SHOULD ALL BE FIGHTING FOR SMALLER GOVERNMENT, BECAUSE THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN GOVERNMENT GETS BIG.  And when the government can do this, when it can arbitrarily choose to select some of  its citizens as a sacrificial offering to maintain power, we are no longer a free people.  That has very little to do with the person of Barack Obama, and everything to do with the system we’ve allowed progressives to build at the highest levels of government.

These are the people they want to put in charge of our health care.  What better way to strike two blows at once?

“If you like IRS audits, you’ll LOVE it when the IRS in in charge of health care!”

Dana says it brilliantly here:

“Barack Obama is the ring leader and figure head, but let’s be real: he’s just one in a long line of many that has driven government to this point. The problem is the cancer of statism that is eating away at our government from within. Polls measuring public opinion show that public already agrees with us. Exit polls from last year showed that Americans overwhelmingly believe the size of government is too big; they just lacked confidence in either party to curtail it.

Focusing on the messenger only excuses the message. This is where the focus must go. This is what the protests should be about: big government. Abolishing the IRS and in its place creating real tax reform.”

So let’s think hard about the visuals we want to show at the IRS rallies.  Let’s think about the very achievable goal here – abolishing the most dangerous federal agency and reforming the tax code in a dramatic way – and let’s focus on that with everything we have.  Let’s disappoint all the media hacks who want to marginalize this crucial issue by spinning the protests as an attack on Obama.  Let’s give them no room to maneuver.


You get the picture.  We have a golden opportunity to push for real reform, and to draw together enough public support from ALL SIDES to accomplish it.  Let’s keep our eyes on the prize.