I created two threads on the image board 4chan a couple of days ago. Both of them were on the gay community section of the site (/lgbt/), which is where I go to find the latest social justice baloney the left cranks out, and both were deleted by moderators. What got them deleted? Did I say something offensive about gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transsexuals, or any other non-”cisgendered” individuals? Nope. I have no problem with the lgbt community; in fact, I agree with a lot of what they have to say. No, what got the threads deleted was the fact that I asked the board what it thought of Kermit Gosnell and paired the question with a picture of one of his victims.

The non-moderator response I got was quite good though. The majority of people who commented on the threads (which I couldn’t screen cap – they got deleted unceremoniously) said that the guy was despicable and that they didn’t agree with abortion as a means of birth-control. Now, trust me, I know the pointlessness of trying to use the very limited data I gathered as a means of saying that 4chan’s /lgbt/ board is Pro-Life; it’s totally unscientific and anecdotal and I’m sure varies with the time of day, etc. But that’s not why I wanted to write about the threads.
I wanted to write about the threads because in the second thread, right before it got deleted, a commenter wrote something that intrigued me. I can’t give a direct quote, but here’s the gist of what he said:
“I don’t think abortion should be used as an excuse for one’s sexual indiscretions, but my opinion shouldn’t matter because I’m a guy. “
That statement might, at first glance, seem shocking, but it fits in well with another cultural trend the left is trying to push; the “check your privilege” mindset. It’s meant to marginalize and silence those seen as “privileged” by the left, while simultaneously boosting and legitimizing those who are “less privileged”. In effect, it is cultural Marxism incarnate, bullying and circumventing logical argument by convincing the general public that the only people with valid opinions on topics like abortion, gay rights, trans-rights, welfare, or immigration are those who would be immediately affected by any change in those areas. “Check your privilege” has become a sort of de facto race/class/gender warfare tool that can be used on anyone that the left hasn’t deemed to be a part the “victim class” coalition they have worked so hard to cultivate. However, its impact extends beyond its initial goal of shutting down discussion. The emotional argument it features is fairly strong, and it can cause some serious cognitive dissonance in those who don’t think particularly hard about politics, leading to misguided statements like the one I cited above. If, as a male, you are told to “check your male privilege” and are then reminded of how oppressed women are because of the fact that women are more objectified and are the target of rape far more often than men, that might be enough to change your mind about who should have a “right to decide” if abortion is murder, regardless of how you view the facts.
The good news is that fighting back is as simple as that, fighting back. The emotional argument can easily be swept aside if you recognize it for what it is and explain it back to the lib who threw it at you. Additionally, once you reveal the tactic as a means of silencing debate, you are often afforded a window to make a counterpoint using the cheapness of said tactic as evidence of your opponent’s weak case. It’s of paramount importance that that last step is taken, particularly in public discussions, because it acts as an inoculation for anyone who witnesses it against this particular line of liberal bull crap in the future. That resistance needs to be built up, otherwise a tolerance for such behavior will develop, and that would not be a good thing for rational thought. In fact, here’s an example of what tolerance for this tactic results in, as well as how it’s used.


And you thought there was division in OUR ranks… That’s emotion politics for you.It might look okay, maybe even correct, in a vacuum, but when you see it in practice, all of the validity and moral superiority it claims dissipate rapidly and are soon replaced with games of “I’m more oppressed than you!”.
Speaking of oppressed people, I couldn’t let that poor guy continue to believe that his opinion was worthless, so I picked at his comment and commented that nobody told him to check his privilege and that it STILL wouldn’t have mattered if they had – And that’s when it struck me.
This great tool of marginalization that the left has created can be used against them, and what’s more, it can be used honestly, in a way that holds up to whatever scrutiny they throw at it!
Because who is as helpless, who has a smaller voice, who has as few means of communication, and who is subjected to more oppression and abject horror than an unborn baby about to be murdered.
So, if you ever get into an argument with a liberal and the subject turns to abortion, tell them to CHECK THEIR UNABORTED PRIVILEGE.