Since January 1, 2015, ISIS has killed approximately 170 people, including 21 Coptic Christians who had their eyes gouged out and their throats slit; and 45 Iraqis who were burned to death. Jordan, whose pilot was burned alive in a cage, and Egypt whose Copts were kidnapped, have bombed ISIS sites after their citizens were killed by ISIS. Most of the victims killed by ISIS were Muslim. The violence perpetrated by ISIS seems to become more brutal as time goes on. If the world doesn’t stand together against ISIS, if more countries do not join Egypt and Jordan in the fight, how many towns will just give in and abide what ISIS wants done just to protect themselves from being killed? It will open season for ISIS to expand the territory it now holds.


Where is Obama on this matter? He does everything in his power to separate Islam from ISIS. He will refer to them as terrorists or violent extremists, but does not use the term Islamic terrorists. The battle is hard enough when one side is not taking the situation seriously. The wound that ISIS has been able to inflict upon the world is festering and becoming larger and larger.


Ignoring the situation or trying to call it by some other name does not change the facts. ISIS is looking to create and control a global caliphate. How does one effectively deal with the situation when a leader of a nation will not admit clearly what is happening?  Even with all the current atrocities, the Obama administration still seems to be making excuses or downplaying what is going on. For example, with regard to the summit on countering violent extremism, “The White House has been forced to defend the decision not to single out Islamist terrorism for attention at the conference, which will also discuss threats from other sources. “You can call them what you want; we are calling them terrorists,” a senior administration official told reporters.[1]


Another example, “We are not treating these people as part of a religion.” Also State Department Deputy Spokesperson Marie Harf said “we cannot win this war by killing them [ISIS], we cannot kill our way out of this war” yesterday on MSNBC’s “Hardball.” Instead, her solution is a jobs program and training for all those jihadis. Even host Chris Matthews was shocked.”[2]


Words matter, but action needs to follow these words. Just poo-pooing the threat with a strongly worded statement will not cut it. More needs to be done before things get any worse than they already are. If words alone could stop ISIS, there would never have been wars. When only words are used but no actions follow, we embolden the terrorists further. Words without actions equals no consequences; no consequences means that the administration either doesn’t care or can’t be bothered to try to stop them. The terrorists certainly have no fear of continuing on their current path, given what they see in response from the West..


This is an effort where the US, Russia, China, etc., could get together to deal with ISIS. Obama has an opportunity to show some leadership and bring these parties together, and come up with a plan to effectively deal with this crisis. Dealing with ISIS needs to be treated seriously, this is not the case with the Obama administration. How much worse does it need to get before the world will work together to stop this? Because ISIS is against everyone it makes sense to have a global coalition. Jordan and Egypt are leading the way, but more needs to be done. The Middle East needs to be more actively involved in dealing with ISIS, taking a bold stand when any atrocities occur, not just when their own citizens are attacked.


Letting a wound fester does no one any good. If the world can come together to stop this ISIS wound from becoming gangrenous, those moderates just may have the chance for their countries to be able to heal.




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