Hollywood actor Jim Carrey recently released a spoofmocking gun enthusiasts.  Jim, you’re drunk again, go home.   And by home, I mean your home country, Canada.

I’ve had my fill of foreign nationals coming to this nation and lecturing US citizens about the evils of our US Constitution.  If you’re a foreign national here in this country and you don’t care for the US Constitution, leave.  Either respect our laws, our culture, and our way of life or leave.

I’ll grant that Jim Carrey does carry dual citizenship but if he hates ‘gun toting Americans’ so much he should just pack up and move back to Canada.  However, neither Piers Morgan nor Martin Bashir have that excuse.

One is an aging commentator who’s completely irrelevant, a lying journalist, and a bloody Brit who needs to return home.  With apologies to Jeremy Clarkson, we’ll send you a sports car to review in compensation if you’ll punch him again.

The other is just a poor commentator who sees fit to lecture Americans on why he thinks our society is supposedly so terrible.  Question for you Martin: if our society is truly so terrible, why are you here making millions on our news networks?  Clearly you’re suffering.

It’s bad enough that we have to listen to those on the left lecture us about the evils of gun ownership, but then we have the VP of the US say we need new laws because we don’t have time to enforce the ones we already have.  Law abiding citizens aren’t the ones doing the killing; criminals are.  Criminals have no regard for existing laws; why would creating new laws change that behavior?  Perhaps it’s time to enforce the laws on our books and monitor the results of that enforcement before we create new laws that criminals will no doubt violate.

Instead, I have to endure foreign nationals lecturing me too.  Get off my lawn.  You have NO respect of the law of our land and instead actively work against it.  I’m sorry, but no.  Get out.

The US Constitution doesn’t cover your right to freedom of speech.  It covers US citizens’.  If you can’t bother to become a US citizen than you don’t get the same rights and privileges we do.  That’s right, being a US Citizen IS an exclusive club!  Yes, we are more special than you.  I don’t have to endure your lectures because they aren’t covered by the US Constitution.  My lectures; however, ARE!

The reason so many people work so hard to find their way here is because of the Freedom and Liberty that is given to its citizens.  What’s that you say?  Brits also have the same freedom of the press, the same rights to speak?  Wrong.  Parliament recently voted to monitor and restrict the British Press.  So much for Freedom of Speech.

See, we truly are protected here, and I loathe foreign nationals who have the temerity to come to our nation and abuse the rights that are granted to citizens here.  Yes, we’ll let you speak, but why are your shocked when we exercise OUR rights and tell you to shut the hell up!

The gun debate is not about safety, it’s about tyranny.  Our rights are granted to us by Nature’s God and may not be infringed upon.  Go home to your own country and enjoy the rights and privileges afforded to you there.

These individuals work to change our laws, lecture us about why we are so awful, and yet fail to recognize and respect our culture, traditions, and values.  It’s time that they recognized they are in the minority here.  It’s time you let them know there are more of you than them.

No, don’t boycott anything.  Instead, engage them directly.  How?  Through the power of the Internet!  It’s time that Piers Morgan realized that a handful of liberals at a Hollywood Whole Foods does not a majority make.  When an avalanche of tweets from Americans who have been disrespected gets dumped on their heads like a Rocky Mountain snowstorm, maybe they’ll think twice before insulting us again.

Sure, Jim Carrey has been answered by Greg Gutfieldtwice.  Dana Perino called him an asshole.  Colion Noir says Jim has stopped being funny.  And Remy just mocked him.  But what about your voice?  Don’t let them bully you.  Push back, speak up, and sound off!

You can let Jim Carrey know what you think of his ‘video’ here.  Don’t care for a couple of Brits lecturing you?  Well, tell Piers Morgan and Martin Bashir what you think.

As for me?  I like to say this to all three…


It appears that Jim Carrey simply can’t handle the push back from all of us. Why miss out on the party, go and join the fun! #CarreyCapsLock