It’s time. You have been held hostage for too long.  Your people have been forced to hide, praying to God that they will be spared from the constant death and destruction that have plagued them. You are sickened and saddened by pictures of the dead and dying. You beg for the world to come to your aid, but no aid is coming. The UN is full of empty promises, and their resolutions have no teeth. You deserve to live in peace, but that won’t happen until you realize the power you possess.

Do your Occupiers really care?  If they did, they would make sure you are fed. They would improve your infrastructure. Of course, they say they love you and want to keep you safe, but look at all the bombs that have destroyed your way of life. You are a tourist’s dream if you can shed the warfare. Wouldn’t it be great to wake up in the morning and know nobody was going to die needlessly?  Instead, you are poor and live in fear for your lives.

Here is your action plan: destroy those who prevent peace for your people. Destroy those who bomb your houses, those who get your children killed. It is time to rise up! You are weak no more. Peace is at the door if you open it. You may not live to see it, but your family will; and one day people will wonder what the big fight was all about. It’s time to destroy your Occupiers!

It is time for Hamas to go.

What are you getting out of this deal with Hamas? Not food. Not prosperity. Death. They shoot weapons from your home, putting YOU at risk of reprisal. Is that the the behavior of a friend? It’s simple when you sit down and open your eyes. Your enemy sits in your midst, yet you blame Israel. However, you and Israel have a lot in common.

Most important is your shared desire for you to stay alive, a desire definitely not shared by Hamas.

While Israel gives you advance warning to evacuate before they bomb Hamas targets, Hamas tells you to sacrifice yourselves and families for sympathy photo-ops. Yes, Hamas uses your people as hostages for the sake of propaganda. They want you and your children to die in the most graphic ways possible so that they can use pictures of your corpses for their gain.

And what have YOU gained?  Nothing.  Instead, you lose your livelihoods, your friends, and your families, all to perpetuate Hamas rule.

If Hamas put down their weapons, there would be no war. However, Hamas is never going to do this.

Which means it’s up to YOU to stop this senseless violence.