To ensure integrity in our election process, we must do more than vote!

Election Integrity NJ is seeking volunteers to serve as Election Observers/Challengers in the upcoming Primary Election on June 3rd. Upon completion of our Election Observer/Challenger Training course, participants receive a Certificate of Completion from Election Integrity NJ. If you want to help ensure integrity in our election process, becoming a credentialed Election Observer/Challenger is a very important role.

Please note that Election Integrity NJ cannot appoint Election Observers/Challengers. Participants must submit their Certificate of Completion to a candidate on the ballot, or a political party in order to receive the appropriate credentials to serve as an Election Observer/Challenger. The deadline for candidates and political parties to submit names of Election Observers/Challengers to the County Board of Elections for the upcoming Primary is May 20th.

If interested, please email us at Volunteer@ElectionIntegrityNJ. Election Integrity NJ would be happy to provide our Election Observer/Challenger Training Course to candidates, political parties, and other groups.

EDITOR’S NOTE: There are election integrity organizations in every state – contact True The Vote to find out who is working in your area.