The Narcissism of Appeasement: The impact of world events on Obama’s Foreign Policy

Having a goal isn’t simply important, it’s vital to success.  Those who actually write down their goals achieve them 85% of the time. Part of the reason for that is that only 3% of people actually write down their goals, and merely an additional 13% of people have goals but not in writing. A goal […]

Armageddon It

  I am writing this article to announce that I am a god.   <—  Small g, no offense to the Big Man. Why would I make such a bold statement of conviction?  Because I have survived all the known apocalypses, armageddons, doomsdays, Judgment Days, and Ends of the World.  Here’s a small list of all […]

French Football

January 4th kicked off football playoff season in the country.  That lovely time of the year when we distract ourselves from the rancid weather by watching a bunch of guys get egged on by tens of thousands of people to root around in the mud and grass in this nasty weather while chasing a pigskin. […]

Caesar has decreed

Last night Caesar decreed amnesty President Obama declared his executive action on immigration.  While this violates everything he said in the past, even Jay Carney admits that it does, the President stated that NOW is the time to act on this critical issue.  This just a bare two weeks after getting shellacked in the 2014 […]

Keeping up with the Kulture

Want to change the culture?  Then it’s important to understand why something has happened and equally important to know what the correct response is and why that response is so critical. As you’re probably aware, Kim Kardashian is back in the news.  Why?  She flaunted her naked body again.  Obviously, many have a ton of […]

America Takes a Cold Shower

If you haven’t heard about the ALS ice bucket challenge by now, you’ve obviously checked out from life.  The challenge was started by Corey Griffen, whose friend Pete Frates suffers from ALS, to raise awareness of Lou Gehrig’s disease, the ALS foundation, and raise money to find a cure. It has become wildly popular with […]

The Syrian Solution

Despite the protestations to the contrary, there is a solution to the Syrian Crisis that would showcase American Exceptionalism and provide relief for millions of refugees displaced by the bitter war in Syria. For the better part of two years Syria has been embroiled in a vicious civil war.  What began as a brutal crackdown […]