We Don’t Talk about Those Things.

In the past few weeks I drove my mom to Arizona, where she spends winters to avoid the cold Frostbite Falls weather.  During our trip through America politics was brought up on a number of occasions. (Probably doesn’t help that I listened to The Dana Show on my phone app)  In these political discussions it […]


I  hesitated to write this article because I thought “Oh, I’m sure there will be plenty of articles written on it, and I would just be lost in all the noise.”  Now two weeks later I have only seen a couple of the Main Stream Media outlets even mention (ABC), let alone do any in-depth […]

Character Matters

I was watching a program the other day and saw Reverend Alveda King, and she mentioned the quote that her uncle Martin Luther King Jr. is probably most famous for: “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color […]

Green Screen Killed the Movie Star

When you go to the movies today, do you ever think about how movies used to be so much better?  Sure, the effects are far more elaborate nowadays, but what about the story they are supposed to tell? For the most part I blame the green screen and digital technology.  No more are there small […]

I Don’t Do April Fools Day

I Don’t do April Fools Day My family was the type that loved to play practical jokes on each other.  Sometime way over the top.  From electrically-switched water hoses, to flour bombs, to any sorts of nasty stuff… MY dad once put my brother’s car in a garage sideways!  Then pull the tires and put […]

My Tea with Meredith Dake

Ok, it wasn’t tea.  She was drinking diet Coke and I was on my usual caffeine fuel.  But Meredith had some very relevant ideas on how to become more active in today’s politics, battling media bias, and engaging in citizen journalism. When you write, interview or make a video: Make it have a personal side.  If […]