Scotch Plains Mayor Gives Union County Freeholder A Raise- And Tells Nobody.

Did YOU get a raise this year?  Union County Democrat Freeholder Al Mirabella did. Well, at his DAY JOB at least. What does the esteemed Freeholder do when he’s not mismanaging the county, you ask?  He’s the Town Manager for Scotch Plains, of course! (No conflict of interest THERE, right?) Earlier this year Mirabella’s best […]

Off Target

Steven Crowder’s latest man-on-the-street video trended on Facebook last week! In it he shows how clueless people are about guns, even going so far as to rattle off absurd and made-up-sounding terms like “Fully Semi-Automatic” only to have his marks completely fooled! What rubes!  Fools!  Schmucks! People who are still completely and totally uninformed about […]

Two Sad Storeys

It’s 2016.  There have been terrorist attacks on American soil.  Race riots.  Police shootings and assassinations.  Two of the least liked candidates in the history of American politics are running for President. And Gregory Storey (Husband of Roselle Park, NJ, Democrat Councilwoman Charlene “Holiday Tree Resignation” Storey) is upset. What is he upset about? Is […]

Drama Is More Popular Than Content

Drama is more popular than content. That’s a pretty eye-catching title- especially for those of us whose social media streams are inundated with empty-calorie clickbait articles, each less truthful and in poorer taste than the last. You’re probably also sick of seeing people polluting your facebook feed with clearly biased diatribes masquerading as facts, or […]


Speaking from experience, it’s a bit weird to be a Conservative Atheist.  I can’t say I’ve always gotten the warmest of responses when it’s come up, but I also can’t blame people for not reacting to that bit of personal information in the most positive way, especially with all of the Atheist jerks out there […]

Are Teachers Outdated? Or, A Review Of “A Young Lady’s Illustrated Primer”

Originally Posted Monday, November 12th, 2012 on I know we’re all reeling over the election still, so I want to change the subject a bit and delve into some issues. And by “delve into some issues”, I mean “review an awesome book that I recently read, link an article about said book and the […]