The Palace Mouse and the Country Mouse

The Trump administration is in chaos. The Trump administration is doing a fairly good job. Can both of these statements be true, depending on where you sit? Right-leaning people, pick your narrative: 1) The Trump administration is in chaos. The press office/spokespeople merry-go-round, the failed attempts at passing health care reform, the approval ratings in […]

Media Coverage Comparison 2: Seattle Minimum Wage Study

We decided to compare the media coverage both in headlines and content from several sources as they report on a new study of the minimum wage in Seattle. Today we’re going to take a look at the headlines around a recently released study on Seattle’s minimum wage.  As we did with the coverage of the […]

Media Coverage Comparison 1: Muslim Teen Kidnapped & Killed

There isn’t a good place online to compare the coverage from different news outlets covering the same story. We decided to give it a try ourselves.  It’s hard to navigate the media landscape these days. Charges of ‘fake news’ are hurled back and forth, bias is present everywhere you look, and the explosion of available […]

The (Latest) Push to End Gerrymandering

Democrats have finally noticed how many seats the Republicans have won in the past few elections, and are laying the blame squarely on gerrymandering. Gerrymandering is back in the news again. Just like the weather, it’s one of those topics everyone mentions, but nobody does anything about. After the changes in the political makeup of […]

Is That Image Real, Or a Fake? How To Search By an Image

It’s easy to learn how to research images you see online, and it’s a very good policy if you want to maintain your credibility as an activist.  Sometimes social media makes me shake my head in despair. Just this past couple of weeks, I’ve seen multiple images earnestly shared by friends that have proven to […]