Four Ways Greg Abbott May Have Used Alinsky Tactics On American-US Air

The decision by Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott to sue over the American Airlines-US Airways merger caught people by surprise.  Abbott was rightfully criticized for going against his free market principles, both by his opponent in the GOP gubernatorial primary and by pundits who normally applaud him.  He defended his lawsuit with an excellently-written, but flawed, op-ed in The Dallas Morning News.  […]

The “Let’s Primary!” Problem

One of the biggest complaints running around conservative and libertarian circles these days appears to be the, “X politician sucks! Let’s primary him!” It’s an understandable comment and shows the disconnect between the people and their so-called leaders.  Plus, there are plenty of politicians who claim to be for small government, but appear to have […]

Eric Holder’s Hypocritical Lawsuit Over Texas Voter ID

The federal government is again trying to keep Texas from implementing its voter ID law.  US Attorney General Eric Holder filed suit Thursday against the state, saying its voter ID law purposefully discriminated against minorities and violates the 14thand 15th Amendments.  He wants the voter ID law declared unconstitutional, but goes a step further by saying Texas needs to be “bailed-in” to […]

The Bad Political Year Of David Dewhurst

Texas Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst has had a bad political year, possibly two years.  He failed to beat Ted Cruz for U.S. Senate last year, when he was seen as the odds-on favorite.  Dewhurst is alsounder fire for how the first Special Session ended, and for not controlling the crowd in the Senate gallery following Senator Wendy […]

Greg Abbott Is Sadly Wrong About The American/US Air Merger

Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott raised a few eyebrows last week when Texas joined the federal government’s lawsuit against the proposed American Airlines-US Airways merger.  Abbott hoped to explain his decision by writing an editorial in The Dallas Morning News that is excellently written, but sadly misguided in its conclusion. The crux of Abbott’s argument is that […]