‘Backyard Mythbuster?’ Or ‘You Tube Star Trains Terrorists!’

A Daily Mail article accuses a popular You Tube host of training terrorists in his video review of a stab-proof vest. Is it true, or a myth that needs busting? Joerg Sprave likes to launch things. Frequently he likes to launch weird things, and film it for his You Tube channel. Like the time he turned toilet […]

Grassroots Profile – My Campaign Coach

A Fort Worth political consulting firm is creating podcasts and free resources for political activists. See how these Texas guys are giving you tools you need. If you’ve been a regular reader of Greener Grassroots, you know that one of my frustrations in politics is with information gatekeepers: those folks who horde information as a means […]

TX Activist Arrested After Recording Open Meeting

A Texas Activist was arrested after recording an open committee hearing. Legislators seem to be interpreting the law to suit themselves and thwart transparency. This afternoon a woman was removed from a committee hearing at the Texas state capitol, and arrested for attempting to record the meeting. Amy Hedtke, a long-time political activist in the […]

You Tube’s New Filter Option Stirs Controversy

You Tube’s new content filter has many content creators concerned, as some entire channels become invisible with the filter. Did You Tube censor LGBT channels? You Tube’s new optional filter is causing some controversy among users of the video service, following a weekend that saw channel creators discovering that many of their videos were unavailable […]

Greener Grassroots – Activism for America on Fire

Ranchers and farmers have traditionally taken care of their own in the face of disaster. With the current fires, they have social media activism help. The central US is on fire. Literally. Farmers, ranchers, and rural communities are in a race against deadly wildfires in Kansas, Oklahoma, Colorado, and Texas. There aren’t any national relief […]

Greener Grassroots – Get Fit Part 7 – Show Off Your Gains

You might not have reached your ultimate goals in activism, but that just means you need to focus on your gains. We’ve finally come to the last installment of our get Fit Activist Challenge – Charting Your Progress! When you start a fitness program, you try to find some way to measure your gains, whether […]

Greener Grassroots – Get Fit Part 6 – Build Muscle

It’s Week 6 of the Get Fit challenge for Greener Grassroots. You’re not ready to quit yet, are you? I hope not, because this week we’re focusing on one of the most important parts of overall fitness: Building Muscle. Strength training allows your body to accomplish more, and do it more efficiently, as you put […]

Greener Grassroots – Get Fit Part 4 – Repetitions

When dealing with political messaging, especially on social media, it’s all about repetitions, and accuracy. I bet this has happened to just about everyone. You’re singing along to a song that you’ve known for years, and all of a sudden you hear the lyrics more clearly than before, and you realize you’ve been singing it […]