News Literacy Project Summary: Questions and Recommendations

After examining all four modules of the News Literacy Project, I came away with enhanced skills, but also questions and concerns. Bias is a tremendously tricky issue. For example, when I introduced on my Facebook page the comparison of tweeted headlines, shown in the bias segment about the grand jury refusing to indict officer Darren Wilson […]

News Literacy Project Module 4: How to Know What to Believe

Module Four of the News Literacy Project is How to Know What to Believe, focusing on learning Standards of Journalism, and Determining Credibility and Bias The fourth module gets to the heart of the mission: knowing good journalism from shoddy journalism, and evaluating information for credibility and bias.  These are skills everyone, not just students, […]

News Literacy Project Module 3: Viral Content and Hidden Ads

Module Three of the News Literacy Project is Navigating Today’s Information Landscape, including Viral Content and Hidden Ads. The third module in the News Literacy Project program deals with the changes our online environment has made to the way we consume content.  From viral rumors, to algorithms, to creative and tricky ad campaigns, students are […]

News Literacy Project Module 2: Exercising Civic Freedoms

Module Two of the News Literacy Project teaches students about Exercising Civic Freedoms.  This includes investigative journalism and citizen journalism. Module 2 of the News Literacy Project is titled Exercising Civic Freedoms.  It is all about the role the press plays in holding powerful forces in society accountable. The First Amendment: The Freedom To Express The […]

News Literacy Project: Module 1: Filtering Information

Module One of the News Literacy Project teaches students about Filtering News and Information. In examining the News Literacy Project’s curriculum, I wanted to experience it the way a student would, so I avoided looking at the Teacher’s Guide that was available to download.  The first module is called ‘Filtering News and Information’.  This module […]

Evaluating The News Literacy Project: A Series

Facebook and news organizations are banding together to fight ‘fake news’ with a new curriculum for schools.  Can we trust them to teach students what news is? ‘Fake News’ has been the hot topic for quite a few months, particularly its role in the 2016 presidential campaign.  Facebook has tried to stop the spread of […]

YouTube Restricted Mode – Several Gun, News Channels Gone

YouTube’s Restricted Mode renders some gun and news channels entirely invisible. We show you what we found.  Is it censorship? Political agenda? Bad business? This past weekend we took a deeper look into YouTube’s Restricted Mode.  We analyzed several channels from a few different subject areas, and charted what percentage of videos are being restricted.  Rather […]

#OpenStockholm – At Their Best in the Midst of the Worst

A driver plowed his truck into pedestrians in Stockholm, causing authorities to shut down public transportation.  How residents responded is barely reported. This past Friday, four people were killed and over a dozen wounded when a driver plowed through pedestrians and crashed into a department store in Stockholm, Sweden.  Authorities cleared the area as quickly […]

Reports: IRS and DEA Misused Asset Forfeiture

Is Civil Asset Forfeiture really a useful tool in fighting crime?  Two new Inspector General reports on the DEA and the IRS challenge that assumption. If someone decided they wanted your property and showed up with guns to take it, you’d call that a crime.  But if that someone happened to be the federal government, […]

Greener Grassroots – Campaign Mail Call

Just about every political candidate uses the postal service to deliver messages to voters. Find out about campaign mail that doesn’t just get tossed. If you’re a frequent voter like me, chances are that you get a lot of mail around election time. Newsletters, brochures, letters, small postcards, large postcards, even poster-sized folded mailers start […]