Off Target

Steven Crowder’s latest man-on-the-street video trended on Facebook last week! In it he shows how clueless people are about guns, even going so far as to rattle off absurd and made-up-sounding terms like “Fully Semi-Automatic” only to have his marks completely fooled! What rubes!  Fools!  Schmucks! People who are still completely and totally uninformed about […]

Two Sad Storeys

It’s 2016.  There have been terrorist attacks on American soil.  Race riots.  Police shootings and assassinations.  Two of the least liked candidates in the history of American politics are running for President. And Gregory Storey (Husband of Roselle Park, NJ, Democrat Councilwoman Charlene “Holiday Tree Resignation” Storey) is upset. What is he upset about? Is […]

Uphill Liberty – Part The Sixth – Leftwashed

We’ve all seen crime dramas and courtroom shows where the criminal mastermind gets some low-level associate to do the dirty work while he stays safely insulated behind lawyers and money and an intimidating network of threats and enforcement.  Police and prosecutors will scoop up these lower status perpetrators and try to get them to turn on […]