Armageddon It

  I am writing this article to announce that I am a god.   <—  Small g, no offense to the Big Man. Why would I make such a bold statement of conviction?  Because I have survived all the known apocalypses, armageddons, doomsdays, Judgment Days, and Ends of the World.  Here’s a small list of all […]

French Football

January 4th kicked off football playoff season in the country.  That lovely time of the year when we distract ourselves from the rancid weather by watching a bunch of guys get egged on by tens of thousands of people to root around in the mud and grass in this nasty weather while chasing a pigskin. […]

Oh Yippee, Lawyers Voting Certain People’s Rights Away

In 2014, the following Law Societies voted not to allow Trinity Western University law students to practice law in the provinces of BC, Nova Scotia and Ontario. All this has happened before the university has even started their school of Law, and the minister of Advanced Education has rescinded the approval for the School of […]

The Horse You Rode In On

As you know, you go to war with the army you have, not the army you might want or wish to have at a later time. – Donald Rumsfeld   Like many conservatives, I’m highly disappointed that John Boehner will return to serve as Speaker of the House again.  His rather lukewarm (to put it […]

Left Tactics: Bullying

Recently on The Refinery, our weekly grassroots strategy session with The Party of Choice and The Conservative Union, we decided to begin a series on the tactics of the Left.  As far back as Rush Limbaugh’s early days as a nationally-syndicated talk show host, we’ve had discussions on the Right about Things The (Institutional) Left […]