The Phoenix is rising

Welcome to Free Radical Network. Due to technical complications, we lost the entire contents of said site due to an incredibly poor host.  Even the backup files were corrupted.  We’ve changed hosts but have to slowly rebuild our site. Please bear with us as we remodel and restore FRN.  Thank you.

The Refinery Redux 7/14/14

Happy Monday everyone, it’s The Refinery clip time again! What is The Refinery?  Well, The Refinery is a weekly, open meeting where some of the FRN crew sits down with members of  The Party Of Choice and the Conservative Union to discuss how we can improve the Conservative messaging! This week, FRN’s own George Templeton pinch-hits for The Party Of Choice‘s Cori and Andy Peth […]

Spoiler Alert

In his latest piece at TownHall, Tony Katz makes the case that the U.S. is in a de facto war with Mexico.  I don’t think I disagree about that.  I’m a huge fan of Tony’s, and I’m not trying to bash him or contradict what he’s saying.  I’m just curious about the things he focuses on after he […]

The Refinery Redux 7/7/14

Did you miss last week’s episode of  The Refinery (which you can catch LIVE, Tuesdays at 9:30pm eastern!) FRN’s new joint project with The Party Of Choice and the Conservative Union dedicated to better Conservative messaging? Then I have great news for you! For your viewing convenience, we have assembled some clips of just a few of the topics […]