Race and the Conservative Movement

I’m back with the third article of my ongoing series about the conservative movement and Republican Party development.  Check out the first and secondones here.  Before I jump in, I briefly want to address some of the feedback from my second article on how to reach Millennial voters.  While there were many who expressed appreciation or support in […]

The Dexter Defense

I don’t get in many fights on the internet.  You’d think that I would, being a conservative and a tea party founder and internet addict.  But really, I don’t enjoy getting into the name-calling and troll-fighting that occurs so often in the political sphere.  I learned from a master that there are people who will eat your […]

The GOP and the Generation Gap

In my second article examining the deficiencies of the Republican Party’s ability to connect with voters, I will be covering the impending collapse of the national party, also known as the generational gap. Overstatement much? Some might try to discard the generation gap as a non-pressing issue or a long-term issue without immediate consequence. I’m […]

The Refinery

Have you ever tried to talk with somebody about politics, only to wind up feeling defeated, beat-down and hopeless?  Even when you’re talking with somebody who is ostensibly “on your side”? I have.  It sucks. It sucks when you try to present a case to a liberal or independent friend and are immediately shut down […]

The Politics of Anger and Hope

Angry. Old. White. Tea Bagger. Far-Right. Racist. Homophobic. Sexist. Hypocritical. Anti-Science. Religious Zealots. Angry. This is the Republican Party, if you ask your average person under 30, or racial minority, religious minority, sexual minority, or non-conservative. Those of you who fit in one of these categories and are reading this article are probably shaking your […]

TXGOP Breaks Out

The TXGOP Convention earlier this month produced much more than a controversial platform and mass criticism.  It also introduced breakout sessions into the agenda, something I’ve never seen in all the years I’ve been attending conventions.  The party offered multiple opportunities for attendees to learn about issues, legislation, parliamentary procedure, and urban engagement, among other topics. Having been to quite a […]

No to Impeachment: What the 1990s and House of Cards taught me

“I hate this small ball crap.” — Representative Francis J. Underwood (D-SC), House of Cards I’ve only started to watch House of Cards in the last few days, but I am hooked on this show and in particular the character of Underwood, the Majority Whip of the House.  And that quote reminds me of where […]

John Cornyn #RINO

Yesterday, Senator John Cornyn(R-TX) issued a statement on immigration.  In that statement, he made the classic blunder of appearing to be compassionate when referring to the slews of illegal children currently being warehoused here in the states:  “They need to be taken care of, I mean they’ve been left, basically dumped at America’s doorstep, and […]