Election Integrity NJ Launches Email Address To Report Election Day Irregularities

ELECTION INTEGRITY NJ LAUNCHES EMAIL ADDRESS TO REPORT ELECTION DAY IRREGULARITIES Any voter who witnesses election irregularities on Election Day should send a report via email to ReportIt@ElectionIntegrityNJ.org. Election Integrity NJ has set up this email address so that any election irregularities may be investigated after the election. All reports will remain anonymous. However, these […]

Do You Have Faith?

I sat in church this morning with one of my best friends and her daughter.  It was a great feeling, having my friend visit my church and meet my church family.  I sat, feeling blessed….to have good friends, a loving family, a faith in God that makes my heart warm, a good job, a roof […]

Things I’ve been thinking about

Civil Liber(al)tarians? So we just found out that the Department of Justice was spying on reporters at the Associated Press.  Somewhere Richard Nixon looks upon Barack Obama and probably laughs. We all know what this story would be like if this had taken place during George W. Bush’s administration.  The mainstream media would be convulsing […]

Do More Than Vote! Be An Election Observer!

To ensure integrity in our election process, we must do more than vote! Election Integrity NJ is seeking volunteers to serve as Election Observers/Challengers in the upcoming Primary Election on June 3rd. Upon completion of our Election Observer/Challenger Training course, participants receive a Certificate of Completion from Election Integrity NJ. If you want to help […]

Contact Your Legislators Now To Oppose A683

The New Jersey Assembly Appropriations Committee heard Assembly Bill 683 on Thursday, May 8th at 2:00 PM. This bill requires mail-in ballot applications be available at polling places on election day for voting in future elections, and requires poll workers to discuss application instructions with applicants upon request. Election Integrity NJ is dedicated to supporting […]