We Will Not Be Silenced

The mainstream media have remained quiet about the IRS targeting of conservative nonprofit groups and even quieter about the proposed IRS rule to restrict their political speech. The IRS claims that the proposed regulations are intended to “provide guidance under section 501(c)(4) relating to the measurement of an organization’s primarily activity and whether it is operated primarily for the […]

RE: Culture: CPAC 2014- Now Taking Suggestions!

Well Radicals, here we are again.  In a little under a week FRN will be taking CPAC2014 by storm! Also by train. And plane. And probably shuttle-bus. But regardless of the particular means of transport, Free Radical Network will be there in force!  CPAC vets Something Fishie, Pdog, Sandra, Krayon Pundit, and myself will be […]

Tea Party – Five Years Old Today

Five years ago today, I was scrambling to get downtown before lunch, my van full of signs and paper and supplies, hoping the rally we had planned to coincide with others in around 50 other cities (with only six days to prepare) would start people talking about fiscal responsibility.  Five years ago today, I was […]