The Hard Right

Something I heard at a candidate forum tonight has been drilling through my brain, and won’t quit.  It concerns Texas politics, but it’s applicable in any legislative venue, especially in Washington D.C. “We passed a lot of good conservative legislation out of the House this past session.” And in Texas, it’s somewhat true; lawmakers did […]

Priorities, Partnerships

So here’s how it happened… Julie Borowski  of Freedom Works was asking questions on her Facebook page about what the priorities ought to be for the loosely-defined but self-identified Liberty Movement.  Some of the answers were, um… well… less than substantive. FRN’s own @NJ_libertarian witnessed this, and got pretty frustrated, and so he talked on his show last week about the tendency […]

Happy Anniversary, Free Radical Network

When one reaches a milestone, it’s difficult to avoid marking it with some reflection.  As Editor of Free Radical Network for a year (A YEAR!) I couldn’t let the milestone pass without an attempt to review the past year and what we’ve accomplished. We launched FRN January 10th, 2013 with a few things in mind.  […]

Good Intentions

I’ve been reading Douglas Wilson’s ‘7 Tips on Hiring Millennials’ in which he takes that generation to task over its work ethic and expectations.  At first it reads like a mere list of complaints, but as he notes in closing: “All generations have their faults. That is true, but these are the faults we are committing right […]

Dystopia Now

As a kid, I never liked dystopic literature. I read “Brave New World” at a very early age, and immediately tried to forget it. Aldous “Pass the LSD” Huxley is a lot for a 13-15 year old to digest. In that same time period I also read 1984 and Fahrenheit 451, both of which were […]