We Don’t Talk about Those Things.

In the past few weeks I drove my mom to Arizona, where she spends winters to avoid the cold Frostbite Falls weather.  During our trip through America politics was brought up on a number of occasions. (Probably doesn’t help that I listened to The Dana Show on my phone app)  In these political discussions it […]

Iran: Trust But Verify

Saturday night, the international delegation known as the P5+1 (five permanent UN Security Council members plus Germany) concluded a temporary deal with the Iranian government concerning its nuclear program.  The deal calls on Iran to scale back its uranium enrichment program, downgrade or eliminate its more highly enriched uranium stockpile, not activate any more centrifuges, and […]

Tell Me Something Good!

Last week I went to the ASCLS & CLMA Siouxland Fall Collaborative Conference in Rapid City, SD.  It was two fun filled days of laboratory science continuing education.  I listened to topics on body fluids, thyroid disease testing, autoimmune disorders, laboratory quality control and a so much more.  It was a laboratory geek’s best work […]

Walk and Chew Gum

A while back I posted here to caution the right-leaning activists about navigating the Obamacare minefield.  Days later, and here we are, taking the first steps.  Today the House passed the Upton “Keep Your Health Plan” bill, which the president has alreadythreatened to veto.  He might not have to follow through on that threat, if the Harry-Reid-led Senate holds […]

RE: Culture: Capitalism, The Left, & Japan

You know, Radicals, sometimes I’m baffled by the Left.  They yell and scream about sexual-preference-based hiring discrimination here in the states, yet they turn a blind eye to the awful, and oftentimes deadly conditions the LGBTQ community has to contend with in the Middle East. (Except for that one place that the Left protests against all […]

Quit Being So Stubborn And Unite!

As I watched the election results come in from the Virginia race for Governor, there were high hopes that Ken Cuccinelli could pull off an upset against Terry McAuliffe.  Yet, as the remaining precincts came in, Cuccinelli’s lead started to shrink, then McAuliffe gained the lead and subsequently won the race. That’s when the fight […]

Who Runs Your Elections?

A lot of people aren’t familiar with all that it takes to make an election happen.  Here’s just a little bit from my day as an election judge… I got up at 4:45 on Tuesday morning, after less than four hours of sleep.  I left the house by 5:30 to make sure I had time […]

Well-Researched Article About Common Core

Caution: Despite the title, this article is completely (well, mostly) biased and subjective. I do not claim to be an expert on the subject, or to have more than a passing knowledge of the meat and potatoes of Common Core. If you actually want some well researched (though still probably biased) information on Common Core, check […]