Defeating the Apostles of ObamaCare

Yesterday the president went on television from the Rose Garden, flanked by supporters who would supposedly benefit from the Affordable Care Act, to answer for the miserable failure that the site launch has become.  It isn’t worth going into what he said, other than to report that the impression of several people on Twitter that […]

The Battle Of Mississippi

On Thursday, Mississippi state Senator Chris McDaniel announced his candidacy for the US Senate.  This will likely pit him against US Senator Thad Cochran who has been in the Senate since 1978.  This is shaping up to be a battle between the Tea Party backed McDaniel and the old guard establishment politician Cochran. While in the Senate, Thad Cochran has unfortunately established himself as […]

Four Ways Greg Abbott May Have Used Alinsky Tactics On American-US Air

The decision by Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott to sue over the American Airlines-US Airways merger caught people by surprise.  Abbott was rightfully criticized for going against his free market principles, both by his opponent in the GOP gubernatorial primary and by pundits who normally applaud him.  He defended his lawsuit with an excellently-written, but flawed, op-ed in The Dallas Morning News.  […]

FRN Video: They Shut Down WHAT?

FRN has been watching the shutdown drama since it began.  So we decided to make a video to chronicle it all.  Enjoy and share! LIKE US ON FACEBOOK! FOLLOW US ON TWITTER! VIDEOS AND LINKS: CNN – Veterans at memorial CBS – PJ Media – Veterans – Tom Hanks reaction – Rand Paul ‘goons’ quote […]

Fight To Win, Not Just To Fight

The fight against Obamacare is over….for now.  The battle was lost when Harry Reid and the Senatestripped out the provisions to defund Obamacare late last month in the budget bill.  Instead of accepting the expected defeat and proposing a more limited proposal to deal with the debt and entitlements in general, a divided Republican caucus continued to attack […]

Hello New Jersey; This Is Houston Calling

Last night, a small group of Houston-area tea partiers and Republicans met just inside the Loop in Houston for a little political activism.  The meeting wasn’t called by any organization, and there were no speakers in attendance to wow the crowd.  Instead, a half-dozen people who care about politics spent a couple of hours making […]


UPDATE: Monday October 7 11:35 am – Going to the site directly seems to be working:  The redirect from the DOJ website appears to work as well.  I can reach the AMBER ALERT site from my tablet, but my laptop still takes me to the ‘unavailable’ notice page.  See both videos below, before and after […]

RE: Culture: New Media

Hey Radicals!  Yes, I took the summer off, and no, it wasn’t intentional, just some messed up writer’s block garbage that I’m *mostly* over.  That being said, I hope to be back to full speed soon, and I hope you’ll continue to bear with me through my “recovery process”. Anyway, on to the article! ….Er, […]