Want Liberty? Work For It!

After the expected failure of the “Defund Obamacare” initiative in the Senate, many liberty activists are wondering what the next step is.  The next steps are what they always have been: educate, organize, win elections, and legislate. The first step is always education.  We need to educate both ourselves and our fellow Americans on their […]

The ObamaCare Minefield Ahead

Things on the ObamaCare front have been looking pretty bleak.  ObamaCare passed the Congress, of course leading (in part) to the huge House upset in 2010 in which Republicans regained control.  But to what end?  Subsequent attempts to repeal it or delay it have failed thus far.  And we just witnessed more than two weeks […]

The Party of “No” Strikes Again

According to the hackneyed narrative, the Republicans are the party of “no”. The Republican-controlled House of Representatives is where brilliant liberal ideas go to fester, and writhe, to a sad death, either through inaction or being ignored. For example, the president drafts a budget, and sends it to the House, and then it is never […]

The Syrian Solution

Despite the protestations to the contrary, there is a solution to the Syrian Crisis that would showcase American Exceptionalism and provide relief for millions of refugees displaced by the bitter war in Syria. For the better part of two years Syria has been embroiled in a vicious civil war.  What began as a brutal crackdown […]

The “Let’s Primary!” Problem

One of the biggest complaints running around conservative and libertarian circles these days appears to be the, “X politician sucks! Let’s primary him!” It’s an understandable comment and shows the disconnect between the people and their so-called leaders.  Plus, there are plenty of politicians who claim to be for small government, but appear to have […]

The ‘No War in Syria’ Bus

Most of us have taken bus rides at one time or another.  Whether the school bus, the parking lot shuttle, the cross-town commuter, or the cross-country Greyhound; nearly all of us have some experience with traveling in groups.  It’s not always pleasant, either.  Public transportation is full of,…well…the public, with all that entails.  The loud-talking […]