Thoughts on Saving Detroit

I really need to go to Detroit and see this for myself.  There’s something unreal about the statistics, something that seems more fitting in a South American or Mediterranean setting.  And there’s something in me that responds “This can’t happen in America!”  But it has. And since I’m more focused on finding solutions than ranting […]

Trolling is SRS BSNS: A Picture’s Worth

How does the above image make you feel? Certainly not good, correct? Does it “make you sick”? Well, good.  That’s what it’s meant to do. Now, how about these next three sentences, minus any images? Smoking is bad for you.  Smoking can cause cancer.  You shouldn’t smoke. Are you moved?  Did your stomach lurch as […]

On Independence Day

People are always doing things that frustrate me. Like the guy who drives his truck in front of me with a sticker that has a Calvin figure peeing on another car company’s symbol.  Or the lady in line behind me at the store who apparently bathes in perfume and makes it difficult for me to […]

Texas “Capitol” Punishment

I intended to leave for the Texas Capitol very early this morning, to be there to witness the demonstrations and controversy surrounding The Bill Formerly Known As SB5.  Last week, in the first Special Session, crowds of protesters made taking the vote in the Texas Senate take just a little longer than the deadline to […]

Character Matters

I was watching a program the other day and saw Reverend Alveda King, and she mentioned the quote that her uncle Martin Luther King Jr. is probably most famous for: “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color […]