Red Meat

This is the article I didn’t want to write.  These are the things I didn’t want to say.  But a confluence of events has driven home to me that while I may not WANT to say these things, I really MUST say them. Again today, for the eleventieth time, I heard a Republican knock Mitt […]

RE: Culture: Untapped Resources

Hey Radicals, I hope you guys had a relaxing and pensive Memorial Day Weekend!  Obviously, we couldn’t be Radicals anywhere near as comfortably without the heroic sacrifices our incredible servicemen and women and their families, so thank you to all of the brave souls who fight or have fought to keep our liberties protected!  Memorial […]

Trolling Is My Business… And Business Is Good

R.J. Moeller wrote an interesting post for The American Spectator’s The Spectacle Blog Tuesday, in which he devastatingly mocked his “least favorite pundit” and Editor &  Publisher of the Nation,  Katrina Vanden Heuvel.  Her insipid parroting of Obama talking points on Snuffy from Sesame Street’s Sunday Talk Show annoyed Mr. Moeller enough to get him to write his rebuff, and I’m […]

RE: Culture: Cognitive Dissonance

[Editor’s Note: This was submitted early in the morning on Wednesday…but we waited to post it so it would ruin NJ’s jokey intro. #StopBeingTardy] Hey Radic- What?  It’s STILL Tuesday somewhere? Oh, crap… I need to find something to do to procrastinate, otherwise I might get back on schedule!  This is not good at all; […]

RE: Culture: Clowns

Hey Radicals, remember me?  I used to write on Tuesdays and Thursdays every week… then my productivity took an arrow to the knee. [Is it okay to use that reference if I didn’t play that game?] {Also, what is this, 2011?} But seriously, I’m really sorry about how infrequent and erratic my writing has been […]

I Don’t Like Chris Christie Either

I have to say that these last two weeks have been absolutely infuriating to me.  Scandals left and left.  NSA spying on our every move.  Even big doings in my home state of New Jersey!  And here I was with the worst case of writer’s block I’ve ever had, unable to write at all. Well, […]

Tin-Foil-Hattery and the Associated Press

Benghazi.  Fast and Furious.  The Internal Revenue Service.  The Associated Press.  The White House has landed firmly in Scandalpalooza, a weird world in which the president watches news unfold with the rest of us on television, the IRS apologizes yet didn’t necessarily do anything wrong, and David Axelrod is making the case for smaller government. I don’t think we’re […]