Burning Books to Save the Library

There once was a library, a beautiful, busy award-winning library.  Unfortunately times were hard.  The City of Troy Michigan was still spending at the levels they had spent when times were better.  So it scheduled a vote, asking the townspeople to approve a tax increase purportedly for the library.  This angered a group of citizens […]

Rock & Roll & Hypocrisy

I love live music.  There’s something special about people communally listening to and participating in a concert.  The mass of individuals unitedly cheering, singing, dancing, and clapping adds another layer of kinship and humanity to the performance, drawing people with similar interests closer together.  I’ve had the privilege of going to many concerts in my […]

RE: Culture: Lying, Cheating & Educating

Ahhhhhhhhh…. Welcome back Radicals, I hope you all had a happy Easter or Passover or Cesar Chavez Remembrance Day, I know I did!  Speaking of Easter, just a quick update on my Lent score: this year I made it through Lent with only 9(!!!) slip ups, most of which came very early in the season. […]

I Don’t Do April Fools Day

I Don’t do April Fools Day My family was the type that loved to play practical jokes on each other.  Sometime way over the top.  From electrically-switched water hoses, to flour bombs, to any sorts of nasty stuff… MY dad once put my brother’s car in a garage sideways!  Then pull the tires and put […]