RE: Culture: Media Bias

I feel like shit Radicals.  The bombings yesterday broke my heart, and in my hate and haste to pin some morons in the media for talking out of their asses, I did the same thing. And I got twitter followers from it!  That’s not a good feeling. Anyway, here’s what went down. As with other […]

Prue’s View On The News – Episode 2

Last Sunday night was my second episode of my show.  On the show I discussed how the 13th Amendment could be misused to further control the populace, and updated on what is happening with the Gosnell trial.  Warning for those with queasy stomachs: I do explain how partial-birth abortions are done. Section 1 of The […]

Why Gays Should Be Pro-Life

The other night I met with a group of friends to talk politics.  It’s kind of what I do these days, and I enjoy it more when I’m talking to serious people.  And believe me, this group is serious about being involved in politics.  They are the people who walk blocks and man phone banks […]

Safe. Legal. Rare. False.

What happens when the “reproductive rights” you fought for result in deplorable, unsanitary, and even murderous practices?  You have two choices.  You ignore it.  Or you reevaluate your position. In the early days of the abortion rights movement, proponents argued that desperate women and girls, the victims of rape or incest or abuse, would seek […]

Voter Base: Impossible

Dysfunctional leadership. Incompetent employees. Massive debt. No, I’m not talking about America; I’m talking about the downtrodden eateries featured on Food Network’s awesome reality show “Restaurant: Impossible”.  The show gives veteran chef, restauranteur, and all-around badass Robert Irvine a tiny $10,000 budget and an insane two day time-limit to diagnose, rehabilitate, renovate and relaunch some […]

RE: Culture: Sharing Is Winning

Hey Radicals, for this week’s RE: Culture I want to talk about the News.  Not “the News”, as in current events like the death of Margaret Thatcher or the heightened rhetoric coming out of North Korea.  I mean how people obtain their news.  It’s not as cut-and-dry as you might think. Let’s look at an example: my family. […]