Anti-Social Conservatives

I am a social conservative.  I am extremely Pro-Life.   I think that upon becoming pregnant, women should have to sign an official document stating whom to save in the event that that becomes a question.  I think rape should be off the table as a reason to abort as well.  I am consistent in my […]

Obama Hates Black Babies, So Give Me Money

There’s no question that we’re living in the time of media malpractice.  We often criticize the mainstream media for telling half the story, or in some cases, not telling the story at all.  Just take Benghazi, for instance.  There are so many details that we have yet to learn, over six months later.  Journalists are […]

Ready Or Not, You’re A Common-Law Couple Now!

As if the government hasn’t already butted into people’s lives enough, they found one more way. An article “New BC Law May Stress Out Couples” (which went into affect March 18, 2013), discusses the British Columbia Government now dictating that after two years, two people that are living together and in a relationship automatically become […]

There Ought To Be A Law

Hey Radicals, I’m back from CPAC and man, do I have a lot stuff to write about! There should be a pretty good stack of articles coming from me in the next couple of days, the first of which being this piece; so be sure to check back in tomorrow for more stuff! English is […]

Getting Rand-y, A Discussion On Marriage

Marriage is what brings us together today…. or, rather, what keeps us apart from a good number of votes- at least according to Rand Paul. I’m inclined to believe him. In a recent interview with NRO, Rand characterized his position on Marriage as thus: “I’m an old-fashioned traditionalist. I believe in the historic and religious […]

RE: Culture: A Pirate’s Life…

  Today’s RE: Culture is not about Napster or Limewire or even The Pirate Bay. In fact, it has little to do with piracy at all. No, what I’m writing about today is Privateering, just not for the government. Adam Carolla is kind of a superhero. Last Friday, Adam unleashed broadside after broadside targeting HuffPo […]

Let’s Do The Time Warp Again!

For the past few weeks after reading the headlines, I really felt like I was in a time warp.  When did the right become the civil rights protesters and the left become the establishment? Here you have Senator Rand Paul conducting a filibuster for  13 hours trying to protect Americans civil rights.  Senators Ted Cruz […]