Thank You For Smoking!

I saw something incredible last Tuesday.  I saw a man light up a cigarette and smoke it on live TV. Not just on TV, on Fox News.  On Hannity of all places.  It shocked and amazed me.  I’m not joking. I turned 24 two weeks ago and in those 24 years of my life, I […]

RE: Culture: Water Cooler Cud

This week’s RE: Culture is a bit reactive; if you’re looking for something deeper than a review, you might want to check out this. (Click it anyway, it helps me in my war against Something Fishie and Ethan Sabo over who can get the most views on a single post. I’m in currently in third place […]

Ted Cruz is Flipping the Script

Alinsky. We’ve learned that word quite well in the past four years.  Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals have been employed for a long time against rightward-leaning politicians and leaders, but it wasn’t until recently that most liberty activists learned to spot them.  And the rule that has been utilized with the most ferocity (and the best results) has […]

Mark McCaig Show – LinkRoll

If you found our site listening to the Mark McCaig show when I filled in for him on Sunday 2/24, here are the links I mentioned on the air, and some other related links I might have missed.  You can also click the link above for the podcast if you missed the show.  You didn’t miss the […]

Going Great Guns

A few weekends ago, I took a Concealed Handgun License course.  In Texas, passing this course and filing the resulting paperwork allows citizens to legally carry concealed.  It was one of the things I’d been meaning to do for years, but I’d just never made the time.  Fortunately, current events and opportunity combined to make […]

Anonymous Vs Anonymous

Have you seen this video? How about this one? This? Aside from the theme of robo-voices and and imagery choices, they seem pretty diverse for being released from the same group, right? That’s because they AREN’T from the same group, a fact that escapes newscasters like broccoli escapes Chris Christie’s gravitational field. There’s something, dear […]

So NOW What Do We Do?

Do you think Republicans got their butts kicked in 2012?  A lot of people do, considering that Barack Obama is still president.  But consider the following: Romney got more votes in 2012 than McCain did in 2008. Obama lost anywhere from 1-3 percentage points from his 2008 numbers in EVERY SWING STATE in 2012. Republicans lost […]