WTF Is Going On With Bureaucrats In The US?

Today articles were posted with regard to Canadian donations to Moore, Oklahoma (and yes President Obama this Canadian knows it is “Moore” and NOT “Monroe”) being held up by bureaucrats!  CBC’s article Moore Tornado Relief Denied At Borderexplains in more detail what happened.   Mark Steyn wrote the following article Security Alert!  Canadians, like their American counterparts, are a very generous people.  I suppose it is the common history of the frontier where neighbor helped neighbor in times of trouble.

These goods are now being stored in a warehouse at the Windsor, Ontario border until the items are listed in alphabetical order and country of origin is listed for EVERY item.  The perishable food, blankets and diapers are just sitting there, and not helping the people who need them.  The best line of Mr. Steyn’s article is this: “Maybe it would be quicker if they claimed it to be the Canadian branch of the Barack H Obama Foundation”.  Before I even read his article I was thinking the same thing.  I just pray that it is not payback because Obama is not getting to be the hero here.  Oklahomans are a strong, independent people who do what they do best; help their neighbors out.

It baffles me as to why these brain-dead idiots would stop aid coming to those who need it.  What are the future unintended consequences of this moronic move?  Will Canadians give a second thought with regard to sending aid to the US if they are concerned about this happening again?  This is an absolute slap in Canadians’ faces by doing this!  Hopefully some Congressman or Senator can get this straighten out before the food goes bad.

I’m not holding my breath waiting for the President or his administration to do the right thing!