Why the Left Doesn’t Refer To Someone as Evil

I was listening to the Dana Show ( on January 10th, and Dana was discussing the Left’s response to gun control. She wondered why the Left never refers to someone as “evil”. I tweeted her: “@DLoesch to admit evil is to admit there is God.” Not every person that has done something really bad has mental health issues; sometimes they know exactly what they are doing, and do it anyway.

They will concentrate on banning semi-automatic weapons, yet totally ignore handguns – the weapon that is used in more gun violence. Somehow all the people wounded or killed in places like Chicago don’t really matter. The Left have their hissy fits, freaking out about semis, and only use stats that support their views.

One of the reasons WHY they won’t refer to someone as evil is because they would then have to acknowledge that God exists. That would just mess up their agendas. How can they take away American’s rights if they are God-given, rather than man-given. How does one justify the killing of the unborn if you believe in God? One of my favorite bible passages is Psalm 139:13: “For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb.” Many on the Left aren’t even fazed by the amount of children aborted every year.

The faux concern displayed about the mass killings is easily unmasked when those on the left show no concern about poor neighborhoods plagued with violence. What the left is trying to do is to take away rights by playing to people’s emotions; and they plan to do it little by little, so that by the time a right has been taken away, some people will have no idea that once upon a time they had that right.

Those who are believers in the Constitution MUST defend this right as well as all the others, and NOT let them be just taken away. A slow boiling pot eventually becomes a fast boiling pot. Keeping cool heads and taking the conversation to the people who are “low information voters” (whether due to apathy or hard working people just trying to keep a roof over their head) is a necessity to win them over.