Why Republicans Should Support Gay Adoptions

I hear it all the time.  A Senator railing against gay adoptions because they believe that a child should have both a mother, and a father.  Did they forget about the millions of single parents out there that raise children alone?  Do they forget about the millions of single parents who adopt, and raise the child on their own?  What really makes me laugh is the fact that some Republicans say that the child will end up confused about why they have two mothers or two fathers.  Let me ask them this: Is it really ANY of their business?  I thought that “Conservatives” believed in freedom, and support parental choice?  Both political parties are guilty of promoting personal choice, but then voting to interfere with our personal lives.

This makes it look like Republicans do not care if an orphan ends up on the streets at the age of 18.  According to How to Help Orphans: “Within the first five years, almost  90% of these orphans end up in crime, prostitution, drug and alcohol addiction, or commit suicide.” That’s not very pro-life now is it?  They want strong families, and productive teens, but how can you get that when they don’t have a leg to stand on? In my own experience, a drug-infested family is more likely to adopt children or gain rights of a child than a civilized gay couple.  The notion that all gay people do drugs, and go to orgies is downright judgmental, and wrong.  I’m living proof that not all gays are sex-crazed pill-popping whores.

I do blame the gay community for not having the “rights” they want.  Gay Pride Parades and events such as the Folsom Street Fair do not help advance the gay community.  It sets our rights back.  We’re the ones to blame.  Everyone has to work together on this issue.  We should step up, and say enough is enough.

Let’s do something productive that will open the hearts, and minds of lawmakers.  My life partner, and I plan to adopt by 30, but I don’t see that happening in Texas. The Texas state law doesn’t prohibit same sex couples from adopting, but it’s easier to adopt if you adopt as a single parent. 

Allowing gay adoptions isn’t crushing any morals.  What really makes me laugh is that marriage is sacred, yet it’s okay for people like Kim Kardashian, or Britney Spears to get a divorce in a matter of days after being married.  Gay’s aren’t ruining the sanctity of marriage; divorce is.  Gay Adoptions will help prevent orphaned teens from being pushed into a life full of drugs, and violence.

Let me ask everyone who’s against gay adoptions a question, and I want you all to really think hard on it.  Would you rather have children thrown into the streets at the age of 18 or would you rather them go to college or start a trade right after high school?

Let’s support Gay Adoptions. Let’s allow orphans the same chance as you had with two parents.

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