Why It Matters – Monday and the Flag

I bring you this picture.  It’s a picture of one of our soldiers feeding a kitten under a tank.  I bring you this picture because it’s who we are.  I also bring you this picture to bring you this story, the story of Rick Monday and the Flag.

I just want to put up this fantastic photo of Rick Monday saving the flag.  I don’t know how much you really watched the video but only two individuals started running at these two guys on the grounds, on Center Field trying to burn the American Flag.  Rick Monday and, God Bless him, Tommy Lasorda.  Say what you will about Tommy Lasorda, but at least he ran out to do something.

Sometimes it feels like a lot of us are just standing around watching and thinking somebody ought to do something.  I also happen to know that a lot of you are Rick Monday and you’re running to grab that flag.  It feels like it ought to catch on fire and you can feel how soaked it is in lighter fluid but you grab it just in time.

Freedom hasn’t gone out even though it seems like it has.  Liberty hasn’t evaporated even though it seems like it isn’t around anymore.

And there’s still a lot of Rick Monday’s left.  All of you.

That’s why it matters.