Why It Matters – Culture (Part 2)

I’m offended.  That’s right, I’m offended.

We are constantly lectured by the intelligentsia of this nation about respecting other cultures.  Yet, they willingly trample all over ours.  We’re criticized for not being tolerant yet they have no tolerance for our culture, our heritage, our way of life, our opinions and beliefs.  They’ll offer lip service by saying they respect us and then immediately criticize without offering even an ounce of respect.

I’d like to say that it’s just the talking heads that offer up this dichotomy of values. Unfortunately, it’s metastasized into the mainstream and the culture. We now see that attitude everywhere.

In Kentucky, an atheist kid protests the prayer that is said at graduation.  He requests that is be excluded.  Thankfully, his request is denied.  When the prayer is given, it is met with thunderous applause and a standing ovation.  A simple prayer.

In New Mexico, a child identifies as a male but is actually female.  No, they haven’t had surgery to change themselves, they just identify that way.  They complain loudly because the school won’t let them graduate as a male because the birth certificate, with the name change included on it, still indicates female.

In Washington DC, several lawmakers are insisting that the Washington Redskins football team change their mascot because it’s racist or insensitive or something.

We aren’t allowed to say Muslim Terrorist or War on Terror and this Administration refuses to refer to it as such.  In California, a woman has started a movement to get the term illegal alien banned because she finds it offensive to illegal aliens.  All across America the ACLU continues to sue to have crosses and other religious objects removed from public.  And then there’s Piers Morgan.  This liar was sacked from his job in the UK for blatantly lying about British troops.  Oddly, he seems to care about them being slaughtered in his home country of England but will lie about their behavior overseas simply to make a political point.  Now, he’s here in the States lecturing American Citizens about their culture while paying it absolutely no respect.

Andrew Breitbart said politics is downstream of culture.  You want to change the politic, change the culture.  How do we change this creeping culture?  Repeat after me, I’m offended.

We have bowed for far too long.  We believe in personal responsibility; and that extends beyond our actions to our feelings as well.  I am NOT responsible for your feelings and it is insane to demand such.

Here’s what I would say to those that are professionally offended.  Grow some skin.

We are constantly lectured about being inclusive.  To those on the left I would say, it’s time for a cup of your own coffee.  You need to be inclusive of us.  You need to be tolerant of us.  You need to be respectful of us!  This is our country where we like to fly our flags out front of our homes.  This is our country where we have a faith in God and say prayers at graduation and dinner and you need to be tolerant and respectful of that faith.  This is our country where we respect the rule of law and the rules that exist.

Are you offended because people believe in God, because they find comfort in saying a prayer at graduation? Learn some tolerance you damn bigot.

To that girl/boy in New Mexico, I say shame on you for wanting to selfishly change the school policy simply to suit your own personal agenda.  Show some respect for others and the country you live in.  If you’re still a female, then you get to graduate with the girls.  Look, if you identify as a man and you want to be a man, then grow some damn balls and start acting like one!  Being a man isn’t like those sissies you see on TV.  No, I’m not talking about gay men, but you should know that there are gay men out there that are more of man than those heterosexual sissy boys will ever be.  Man up, son!

And shame on you parents for not teaching your child to be respectful of other faiths and cultures; shame on you for not teaching your kids tolerance; shame on you for not teaching your kids to be inclusive; shame on you for teaching your kids hatred, selfishness, and bigotry.  Parents like you, offend me.

The Washington Redskins should remain the Washington Redskins.  The people that think the logo and mascot is racist are bigots and racists themselves.  Stop projecting onto the fans of a decent team.  It’s bigots like you who slander good men like the Quarterback, RG3, and say he’s not black enough because his wife is white.  Racist bastards like you want to take us BACK to segregation rather than uniting the country and healing old wounds.  You’re worse than those kids that pick at their scabs and wonder why their wound won’t heal.  I’m not simply offended by your views, I find everything about you offensive.

If saying Muslim Terrorist offends you, then why don’t you start telling Muslims to STOP KILLING people.  When 99% of the terrorism committed on this planet is by Muslims, it’s time for a reality and gut check.  That you would kowtow to these killers offends me.  That you would offer them more rights than our own citizens offends me.  That you cater to their whims while neglecting the needs of good and decent people here in this country offends me.  That you show more deference, more respect, more tolerance for their religion than the religious beliefs of our own soldiers offends me.

Illegal alien.  I’m going to say it a LOT on this show.  What offends me is that you protect the lawbreaker rather than the model citizen.  I’m offended that you work so hard to protect the perceived feelings of those that have such distain for our way of life, for our culture, that they would flaunt our rules and laws simply to get handouts from us.  When the country they come from is harder on illegal aliens than we are, they have NO room to stand in criticizing what we call them.  Which is, by the way, an illegal alien.

ACLU, I’m offended that you work so hard to protect the feelings of others.  How about working hard to protect the rights of every citizen.  How about putting MORE religious symbols in the public square.  How about reminding average people what good is and isn’t.   Stop removing the last vestiges of what is good and wholesome from the public view.   We need more reminders, not less.

When a Brit has the audacity to come on our airwaves and lecture Americans about our culture, it’s time to push back.  Hard.  Piers Morgan you are a liar. Yes, a liar.  As I mentioned before, he was fired, or sacked as they say in Britain, from his job for lying in a news story.  The truth doesn’t matter to him; he wants to change our culture.  I’m offended by that.  It’s time for his ilk to shut up and stop offending us.  It’s time for foreigners like Piers to start honoring and respecting American culture or go home.  Now.

I’m offended by these individuals and I know you are too.  Start telling people like this that you’re offended.  Stop catering to their ridiculous demands.  Insist that they respect you.  Insist that they stop offending you.  Insist that they practice tolerance, respect, and accept your culture and heritage.

If I am to honor and respect the cultures of other countries and peoples when I visit, they in turn must respect and honor our culture and way of life.  Shame on you who demand we kowtow to them.  Shame on you who demand we honor and respect other when you fail to honor and respect me in my own homeland.

I’m offended.  I’m offended that you would try to block my religious beliefs.  I’m offended that you would try to silence me.  I’m offended that you demand I be responsible for your emotions and feelings.  I’m offended at those in this nation that demand I bow to other cultures and respect them but pay absolutely NO respect for our culture and heritage.  I’m offended that you insist that I honor the cultures of foreigners here at the full exclusion of my own.

And if I’m offended, you should be too.