Why Gays Should Be Pro-Life

The other night I met with a group of friends to talk politics.  It’s kind of what I do these days, and I enjoy it more when I’m talking to serious people.  And believe me, this group is serious about being involved in politics.  They are the people who walk blocks and man phone banks and hand out literature at the polls.

Several of them also happen to be gay.

I’ve found a lot of common ground with these conservative gay friends.  When asked what their top issues were, things like the economy, jobs, gun rights, and fiscal responsibility figure heavily; those topics also come up far more often than “gay issues.”  And at FRN, Ethan Sabo, The Gay Republican, has talked far more about immigration and foreign affairs than “gay issues”, although he has touched on them a bit in print.

But where I find some of my gay friends part ways with me is on abortion.  It isn’t that they think it’s unimportant exactly, but that they find many other issues far more pressing.  And to an extent, I see their argument.  Abortion arguments frequently turn circular, and devolve into virtual shouting  matches online; additionally the wheels of the legal system turn slowly, as do changes in policy.  Therefore there is little that is pressing on the policy side on a national level, compared to the monstrous amount of debt that our children are quickly becoming saddled with, or the miserable state of the economy.  It’s easy to see how some might prefer to spend their political efforts where they think they can have the most immediate impact.  I don’t disagree with that strategy, though in light of the Gosnell trial, abortion IS a front-page topic.  Or it would be,if the mainstream media were legitimate.

But there are definitely reasons for gays in particular to support a strong pro-life stance.

Ethan has talked about the difficulty of gays adopting children.  That’s an easy argument, and one he’s intimately familiar with, so I won’t belabor it here.  Instead, I’ll send you to read his very personal piece about gay adoption, but only after you’ve read my other reason.

Go with me here…

We know that scientists are studying all manner of things (often with your tax dollars – see duck penis length!) and that among these are genetic research projects looking into everything from stem cells to “fat genes” to whether there’s a “liberal gene.”  That’s not always a bad thing, though I do think there are some things we probably do not want to know about genetics, particularly since the knowledge can cause serious ethical dilemmas.

Conservatives are skeptical of the scientific community’s weaknesses as well.  Take the next ice age global warming climate change debates, or the Silent Spring murderous DDT ban.  Some real damage has been done in the name of science.  And some agenda-driven individuals have presented shady research to bolster their points; ideas that they expect to be accepted without challenge.  In the guise of helping their causes, they’ve lost sight of their ethical responsibilities.

Which brings me to the gay gene.

Even though a group of scientists recently announced they don’t believe they’ll find a gay gene, I doubt scientists will stop trying.  Regardless of whether there is a genetic cause to being gay (and I really could not care less if there is) there are people who would love to find one for the purposes of using it in the political argument.  And again, I understand the desire to do so, but I think it might be very problematic.

Because think it through: if they discover a gay gene, what is to prevent screening for that gene in pregnant women?  In places all across the globe, gender-selection abortions are taking place right now, even in Western countries.  Why is it difficult to believe that sexual-preference-selection-abortions are an impossibility?

And who would be the ones receiving those sexual-preference-selection-abortions?  Pro-life conservatives?  I’d say probably not.  They surely would think twice about genetic conclusions from the same bunch that brought us the global warming scam.  And if life is indeed precious, if ALL life is as precious as they argue, then they’d be outside those facilities protesting the same way they are now.  No, it will be “enlightened” left-leaning people, ones who already see abortion as a necessary option, who will be making the decisions to terminate.

Think it’s too far-fetched?  Think it’ll never happen?  We didn’t think gender-selection abortion was very likely either, did we?  Sometimes science opens a box that is best left closed.  And sometimes, we need to rethink our positions in light of new information or new ideas.  I hope my pro-choice gay friends are doing that right now.