What The Courts Giveth, They Can Taketh Away!

In 1920 in America and 1929 in Canada, women were granted legal status as “persons under the law”.  The fact that women had to go to court to get this right in the first place was utterly ridiculous.  But what is even more ridiculous is that it took only 53 years in America and 40 years in Canada for these same courts to DENY another group personhood under the law.  What could these people have possibly done to have their legal status denied -?  They were guilty of NOT being born yet.  In 1973 (US) and 1969 (Canada), abortion became legal.  It started out with abortions being legalized for the health/life of the mother.  It didn’t take very long for that to change and, women didn’t have to justify why they wanted an abortion.  In Canada, there are currently NO legal standings with regard to abortions, it is handled by the health care system which is run by provincial governments.

Now we have those looking to legalize eauthanasia.  There are those who want the right to allow doctors to be able to legally kill them due to health and/or mental health reasons.  This would be a voluntary decision made by the individual; but if euthanasia is legalized, how long will it take before it becomes involuntary?  A family member or someone in the medical profession could place pressure on the individual or family to terminate the life of an individual.  Some would question a person’s quality of life, and because another person doesn’t believe that it would be much, they could arrange termination of life.  Once “Pandora’s Box” is opened, it is virtually impossible to close it again.

Then comes our right not to be searched without due process.  Travel by plane and you will either go through the invasive imagers or you can choose to go to second base with an security agent by pat down method.  What are we guilty of to have this happen?  Nothing but wanting to go from point A to point B by flying.  When you hear of a little girl in a wheelchair having to deal with TSA agents telling her parents that she would have to be patted down upsets many people.  How these pat-downs are conducted if done anywhere else would be illegal.  Also, if airport security is going to be this anal-retentive with regard to mobile devices, then they should provide a wheelchair for the passenger to use to go through the security measures WITHOUT requiring pat downs.  These same rules should apply to private flights so that everyone is treated with equal suspicion.

What is the next thing that the courts could allow or deny someone their rights to?  We run the risk of losing ALL our rights when we let a small group of people tell us what our rights are.  Given a small number of people being able to persuade a group of judges that one’s rights should be kept or lost, doesn’t make what is given/taken right or wrong.  We must be vigilant on what is “given” and what is taken away, because once gone, good luck getting them back.