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What San Antonio Democrats Are Telling Hispanic Voters

The Texas Federation of Hispanic Republicans posted a video on Facebook today, showing an ad from Bexar County (Texas) Democrats with the following translation:

These two flags represent friendship, liberty, opportunity and justice. This flag is very dangerous, it is the flag of Tea Party Republicans. They are radical terrorists who want to take issues into their own hands harming our kids and families with violence and firearms on the border and in our cities. On Tuesday November 4th is election day and it is our only opportunity to make our voice count for our common good. Vote Democrat.

See the ad here:

We’re trying to confirm whether this ad is running on television in San Antonio, and as near as we can tell, the translation is accurate.  And disgusting.  Radical terrorist tea parties?  Advocating violence and firearms on the border, harming Hispanics and their families?  Seriously?

Bexar County Democrats are so proud of this video that it isn’t featured either on their website nor on their Facebook page.

Now why is that?


Bexar County Democrat Chairman Manuel Medina Created and Defends the Ad:

Medina defended the ad — which he created himself — by saying, “The tea party is not a political party. They’re a terrorist organization.”

Medina said he approached Henry a week ago for funding help with the so-called “Protect San Antonio” spot, because the party chairman realized that local Democrats hadn’t tapped the older, Spanish-speaking audience that gravitates to Univision.



Federation of Hispanic Republicans fires back with this ad, detailing convictions of Democrats profiting from violence and cartel connections at the border:



It you use Twitter, tweet Texas Democrats and ask them if they support this ad by Bexar Democrats.  Make them own it, or make them disown it!