We Don’t Talk about Those Things.

In the past few weeks I drove my mom to Arizona, where she spends winters to avoid the cold Frostbite Falls weather.  During our trip through America politics was brought up on a number of occasions. (Probably doesn’t help that I listened to The Dana Show on my phone app)  In these political discussions it would usually turn to her brothers’ (my uncles) politics and she would end the discussion with “We don’t talk about those things.”

Keep in mind, my one uncle is a die-hard liberal, and I’m speculating has never voted for a “R” in his entire 70-some years of existence.  The other is liberal, but not so forceful in his belief that the Democratic Party can make everything right.  Both men are also devout Christians.  Oh, my mom is a Republican just like her parents were.
Finally after several dead-ends on getting anywhere with a political discussion, she again ended one of these discussions with her go-to line of “We don’t talk about those things.” and I came back with….. Wait for it…….”Why?”

She was taken aback and I now saw my opening.  I asked “Why don’t you talk about politics with your brothers?  The Kool-aid one has been in the public school system for over 30 years teaching our children liberal dribble and you say nothing.  They support candidates both financially and with labor that are in my opinion at least socialist… more like communist.  You let them make jokes about how stupid people like Sarah Palin, Scott Walker and many others are without confronting them and asking for proof of anything they have said that is unintelligent.”  She gave me a look of “You know, he is right but I’m not going to say it.”  Instead she brings up stopping to go to the bathroom… And yes, I do believe I was in every McDonald’s between South Dakota and Arizona.

I see that this week the talking heads at MSNBC ( pretty much all the time), Slate,  and the White Househave been saying that you should be ready to defend Obamacare and liberalism in general over the holiday season.  They want you to feed people the same old talking points though.  There’s nothing new…. it’s the Republicans’ fault, Obama didn’t build this, if congress would get out of Obama’s way he could fix it all.

And I have to agree with them on this theory.  My only change is to fight it from a conservative/libertarian way!  Stop letting your dumb-ass hippie cousin make some crack about how Tea Party is racist.  Confront…do it with the facts… and put them in their place…. A dirty hippie commune, Or a higher education facility….are those the same thing?

It’s time we stop letting things slide by without a comment or a rebuttal.  We are at #WAR and we need to pick up the our greatest weapon – FREE SPEECH – and use it before it is taken from us.  We aren’t the party of banning and forcing people to do things that they don’t want to do.  We are the leave-me-alone-and-I-will-do-the-same party.  We must start to change minds with the truth of free markets and limited government, and arguing that with those things it will be a great world to live in.

So… Please take one thing from this article… Don’t sit by and let untruths not be confronted….. Don’t Tread On Me….

Oh, Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and Happy Holidays if I missed anyone….